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Op-Ed # 664 “Obama’s Open Border Policy” Allowed Invading Enemy Military Forces That Far Outnumber US Army and Marine Corps Ground Forces by More Than 900%

  • Op-Ed # 664 “Obama’s Open Border Policy” Allowed Invading Enemy Military Forces That Far Outnumber US Army and Marine Corps Ground Forces by More Than 900%

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 3, 2024

For over the last 3½ years, “Obama’s Open Border Policy” has been encouraging 180 countries to invade the United States in violation of US Federal Immigration Laws aggressively supported and coordinated by the United Nations.   To date over 14 million Illegal Aliens, including over 400,000 Communist Chinese military personnel, cyber security hackers, and drug dealers have invaded the US.  Thousands of heavily armed Mexican Drug Cartel members have also been invading the United States for 3 ½ years to establish drug distribution networks throughout the United States.   Invading Chinese Communist drug dealers have been working with the Mexican Drug Cartels smuggling fentanyl into the United States, killing 300 young Americans “every day”, 365 days a year, resulting in the death of over 100,000 of America’s youth each year; to date, over 600,000 young Americans have been murdered by Communist China’s fentanyl poison.   

The invasion of the United States is being coordinated by the Communist leaders of the UN who have been recruiting an endless stream of 350,000 Illegal Aliens each month.  The United States contributes approximately $2.3 billion annually to fund the United Nations.  The United Nation’s “Inter-Agency Coordination Program for Refugees and Migrants” (ICPRM) is coordinating the world’s invasion of the United States.  Through the UN’s ICPRM, the UN has been handing out debit cards and cash vouchers to millions of Illegal Aliens each year, covering their travel costs from South America, north to the US/Mexican border, and into the United States.  The UN, with the help of 248 named non-governmental organizations, have been funding the settlement of 14 million invading Illegal Aliens.  For the last 3 ½ years, the Biden/Obama administration has been having US taxpayers pay for the invasion of 14 million Illegal Aliens into the US and pay for their living expenses in the US.  While homeless US Veterans are condemned to sleep on the streets, and do not receive what Illegal Aliens receive----free cell phones, free airline flights, free hotel rooms, free medical expenses, free food stamps, and a free credit card that is increased to the maximum credit amount each new month. 

Internal DHS data revealed that since October 2022, the Biden/Obama administration authorized hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens to be flown by a Secret Illegal Alien “CHNV” Mass Parole Program, in violation of US Immigration Laws, into 45+ US and Canadian Cities.  The program currently authorizes 30,000 Illegal Aliens to enter the US each month.  The Illegal Aliens are given work permits and documents authorizing them to live in the US for a two-year period.  The program is only open to those Illegal Aliens who would have been considered "INADMISSIBLE" if they tried to enter the United States through the wide-open southern border with Mexico.  DHS reported that it had approved the flights for more than 450,000 Illegal Immigrants to date; those Illegal Aliens do not speak English.  The DHS data showed that during an 8 month stretch from January through August 2023, Obama had 200,000 Illegal Aliens flown into the US by the Secret Illegal Alien “CHNV” Mass Parole Program, with 80% of them (161,562), being flown into Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa in the state of Florida.  Now Obama intends to fly heavily radicalized Gaza refugees into the US; every Middle East country has refused to accept those supporters of Hamas for fear that their admittance would result in insurrection.

The Illegal Aliens are coming from foreign airports in Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemalan, Belarus, Russia, Dagestan, and Kyrgyzstan, and they are flown directly into 45 US and Canadian cities.  The Illegal Aliens from those 12 countries are flown directly into Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte Amale (St. Thomas), Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fresno, Ft. Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Montreal, Minneapolis, Nassau (Bahama), Newark, New Orleans, New York City, Oakdale (Louisiana), Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland. Pittsburgh, Providence, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Juan (PR), Savannah, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, San Antonia, San Jose, St Paul, St Louis, Tampa, Ottawa (Canada), Toronto (Canada), Vancouver (Canada), and Washington, (DC).  The data was obtained by @HomelandGOP via a subpoena to DHS. 

The undeniable plain truth is that, for 18 years, Comrade Barack Hussein Obama is responsible for fomenting the violent anti-Semitic revolts that have broken out on over 100 US university campuses.  Trained adult Radical Islamic Terrorists and hundreds of their allies who are not students, who invaded the US, through “Obama’s Open Border Policy”, created tented encampments and leading the campus revolts, and have been encouraging demonstrators to chant, “Death to America”.  For 18 years, Comrade Obama has been trying to do to America what Castro did to Cuba, fomenting a Communist Revolution in the United States. 

In Fiscal Year 2024, 80 years after WWII, the US Armed Forces is the smallest active-duty US Military since 1940.  The end goal for all active-duty US military forces will stand at 1,284,500 in 2024.   The US Army strength is dropping from 445,000 by 24,000 to an end-strength of 421,000.  The US Marine Corps, already at the smallest active-duty strength of 177,000, will be reduced by 8,900 to 168,100.  America’s two preeminent land ground combat forces, the US Army, and US Marine Corps, will have an active-duty end-strength of less than 589,000.  Since not every active-duty Army Soldier or US Marine’s primary duty is designated as a ground combat warrior, and since half of the ground combat warriors are already deployed on overseas assignments, not more than 200,000 active-duty ground combat warriors are available in the United States to oppose an attack by enemy military force invaders, who have deployed throughout the United States over the last 3½ years. 

The Intelligence Agencies have reported that 1.5-2 million Iranian Illegal Aliens, Radical Islamic Terrorists, and Paroled Criminal Convicts/Gang Members “Gotaways” and over 400,000 Communist Chinese Military-Aged Personnel have invaded the United States over the last 3 ½ years.  The estimated 1.9-2.4 million “Gotaways” and the Communist Chinese Military Aged Personnel invaders who are in the United States, far exceed the strength of the nation’s 200,000 US Army and US Marine Corps active-duty ground combat warriors.  THE ENEMY MILITARY FORCES WHO HAVE INVADED THE UNITED STATES OVER THE LAST 3½ YEARS, FAR OUTNUMBER THE US ARMY AND MARINE CORPS GROUND COMBAT FORCE BY MORE THAN 900%.

1.The Republican controlled Congress should have been cancelling the funding of the United Nations that has been employing US taxpayer funding to pay for the invasion of the United States for the last 3½ years.

2.The Republican controlled Congress should be filing lawsuits against the Biden/Obama administration to halt the Secret Illegal Alien “CHNV” Mass Parole Programed flights which are in violation of US Immigration Laws.

3.The Republican controlled Congress should be using the power of the purse to prevent Obama from continuing to degrade “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces and degrading its end strength to below the strength of the 2.4 million invading Enemy Force already deployed within the United States.

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