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Op Ed # 666 Federal Income Tax Increases For Fiscal 2025, Based Upon US Treasury Department's Plan For DEI

  • Op Ed # 666 Federal Income Tax Increases For Fiscal 2025, Based Upon US Treasury Department's Plan For DEI

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 13, 2024

According to the Organization for Economic International Organization (OECD), the Biden/Obama administration new extraordinary high Fiscal 2025 Corporate Federal Income Tax proposals of 28 %, will result in the United States having the second highest corporate income tax rate in the world, behind Colombia’s corporate tax rate.  By raising the US Corporate Federal Tax Rate to a level of 28%, that tax will have the most harmful effect on US Economic Growth, it will make all US Corporations less competitive internationally, and will contribute to significantly damage the US Free Enterprise System.  The US Free Enterprise System created the most effective and robust economic engine in the history of mankind.  

Biden/Obama administration officials view their new extraordinary high Fiscal 2025 Individual Federal Income Tax proposals, based upon the US Treasury Plan For DEI, as resulting in increasing fairness in the Federal Income Tax System.  It imposes less of the tax burden on low-income Americans and Americans of color, while requiring White Americans to pay a proportionately greater share of Federal Income Tax to cover government services.  The new extraordinary high Fiscal 2025 Individual Federal Income Tax proposal will go into effect on October 1, 2024, which is the beginning of the 2025 Fiscal Year: three months before the 2024 Federal Presidential Election.

Although the new extraordinarily high Fiscal 2025 Individual Federal Income Tax is labeled as the new Fiscal 2025 Billionaire Federal Income Tax Proposal, it is far from it.  In fact, it has been relabeled by tax experts as a new Racist Anti-White Tax Plan, which will affect certain races.  Obama and his Communist/Marxist allies plan to put this racist tax plan in effect, to increase the taxes on White Americans who are gainfully employed and earning good incomes, because of their hard work.   The new racist Anti-White Tax Plan will severely decrease the earnings of white Americans, and it is scheduled to go into effect 3 months before the end of Biden's first presidential term.  The new Racist Anti-White Tax Plan follows the US Treasury Department’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Plan. 

They are coming for everything white Americans have, so they can redistribute the confiscated wealth to low-income Americans, American people of color, and the 14 million Illegal Aliens that “Obama’s Open Policy” established to allow them to invade the United States with the help of the Communists in control of the United Nations.  The goal is to make white Americans pay a much higher tax than low-income Americans and Americans of color and to have them pay for all the many benefits (free housing, free cell phones, free airline flights, free medical, free food stamps, free education, and a free credit card that renews each month) that are provided to the 14 million Illegal Alien invaders from 180 countries who are currently being registered to vote, so they can vote for candidates running as Socialist Democrats. 

If the new extraordinary high Fiscal 2025 Individual Federal Income Tax proposals listed below are approved by Congress, the tax rates will increase as outlined below:

Normally if an investor holds an investment for one year, then sells it, the tax rate was 15% on the capital gain.  If the Congress approves the new Racist Anti-White Tax Plan, there will be a new Capital Gains Tax of 44.6% on “all” Capital Gains; if you live in California, the new Capital Gains tax will be 60%.  If you are a business owner who invested $1,000 in your business 15 years ago, and it now has value of $500,000; the tax on that $500,000 would be 44.6%.

Americans will have to pay a much higher tax rate on a 401K Retirement Plans or on any other Retirement Plan.  Following the retirement of Americans and when they begin to distribute the funds in their retirement plan to themselves as annual income.  Those funds, distributed as retirement income, will no longer be taxed at the annual Income Tax Rate of 15%, the new tax rate on those funds, will be taxed at a 44.6% tax rate. 

The new Racist Anti-White Tax Plan will impose a 25% tax rate on Unrealized Gains on all investments, even if the investment was not sold, so the investor will, most probably, have to sell the investment to pay the Unrealized Gain Tax annually.  If the investor holds a stock, and does not sell it, but in increases substantially over the previous year, they will have to pay a 25% Federal Income Tax on the Unrealized Gain.  If in filing a Business’ Annual Federal Tax Return, the value of the business increases in value, then the owner of that business will be required to pay a Federal Income Tax of 25% on the unrealized Gain.

The Death Tax will not only increase, but it will be recognizable as an “immediate” tax event due and payable on possession of the inheritance.  If, on the death of a parent the children receive real estate, the tax on the current appraised value of that real estate will be charged at a tax rate of 44.6%.  Most recipients of the real estate will have to sell the real estate to pay that enormous Death Tax.

We encourage you to click on the below link to listen to a CPA discuss the dangers of the new Obama/ Biden Racist Anti-White Federal Income Tax Plan for Fiscal 2025 and share this Op Ed with your fellow Patriotic Associates and friends.

The US Constitution will not protect United States Citizens from the injustices outlined above in the new Obama/Biden Racist Anti-White Tax Plan based on US Treasury Department Anti-White DEI policies, that Obama has created to steal the incomes from the Retirement Plan of White Americans, the capital gains on investment made by White Americans, and on the current increased value of real estate that White Americans received as an inheritance from their parents. 

We recommend that every United States Citizen write their congressman and ask them to oppose this Obama new Racist Anti-White Tax Plan that follows the Biden/Obama administration’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Policies.  The Racist Anti-White policies of DEI must be eliminated from the United States, and the US Government must refocus on the inherent dignity of each individual United States Citizen, without regard to group-identity or skin color.

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Website or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.