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Open Borders: Welcome to Texas

  • Open Borders: Welcome to Texas

By Capt Joseph R. John, April 21, 2021, Op Ed #554 

         If Covid is as bad as Socialist Democrats and the Biden/Harris/Obama Administration make it out to be; if we’re all at risk of death; if the entire country needs to

         be shutdown, locked down, masked, distanced, and vaccinated forever more; then why are Democrats letting hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens enter into the 

         Republic through the wide open southern border? We know nothing about any of them, nor their health. Why aren’t those Illegal Aliens being tested for Covid and many 

         other third world diseases, then quarantined in accordance with US Federal Law?  If the Illegal Aliens are sick, why aren’t they being sent back to where they came

         from?  Just like Americans did for decades at Ellis Island.  The Biden/Harris/Obama Administration doesn’t know who is a terrorist, and are not letting the FBI 

        question Illegal Aliens to determine if they have Terrorist ties. Why would anyone want to risk allowing millions of sick/diseased people and potential terrorist enter 

        the United States?


         The *Answer* is that they are here to spread infections and death, and to re-ignite the pandemic just before the 2022 election, and they are also being brought here 

         by the millions (4.5 million in 2021, and 18 million by 2024), in order to replace the votes of American citizens, and to have those millions of new Illegal Aliens vote 

         for the Social Democrat Party, in order to support Communist China and to change the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State. 


There are no longer any restrictions that will prevent Illegal Aliens from walking into the United States through the wide-open southern border.  Illegal Aliens from over 70 countries worldwide have been interdicted at the border and are simply walking across the wide-open border into the United States, as you can see in the video, especially where there are gaps in the unfinished border wall. 


The Biden/Harris/Obama administration “opened” the US southern border with no restrictions at all for any stranger who wants to simply walk into the United States with COVID, while refusing to take the required actions necessary to open of millions of small businesses, family-owned restaurants, churches, and schools that have carefully taken all of the necessary protective health measures to prevent the infection from COVID.  


The Biden/Harris/Obama goal is to ensure the Wuhan Virus continues to spread, so its spreading will be the excuse for keeping the Republic locked down, masked, forced to be injected with test vaccines, and under the firm control of Democrat Socialists, Marxists, and Communists who are intent on replacing The Free Enterprise System and the US Constitutional Republic with a Socialist State.

Young unaccompanied children are being trafficked by the thousands by the psychopathic Mexican drug cartels (20,000 unaccompanied minors are in US custody; their numbers increase daily), and they are being sexually assaulted all along the transit to the border, including after they arrive and are taken into custody by Border Patrol Agents in giant cages (cages that were constructed by the Biden/Harris/Obama administration).  Those Border Patrol Agents are assigned baby-sitting assignments, instead of doing their principal assigned duties of interdicting terrorists, drug dealers, convicted felons, MS-13 gang members, human traffickers, etc., while the ruling Biden/Harris/Obama oligarchy pretends that everything is simply fine, and there is no crisis on the border.  The Leftist Main Stream Media is parroting the “No Crisis” theme---that there is nothing to see here.  


One wonders how the Illegal Aliens arrive clean and refreshed after traveling 1500 miles by foot; it is a question the press should be asking.  How do Illegal Aliens charge their cell phone batteries on that long journey?  Why don’t Illegal Aliens ever have blankets, food, and additional clothing while traveling 1500 miles by foot?  Those Illegal Aliens traveling 1500 miles are being moved along by several Illegal Alien Groups, Socialists, the United Nations Refugees Agencies, Communists, the Mexican Drug Cartels, and Terrorist Groups.  The nearly 200,000 Illegal Aliens walking through the wide-open southern border arrive at the border and then are resettled by religious groups being funded by the Biden/Harris/Obama administration, in cities throughout the United States without local, county, and state governments' permission.

After the Illegal Aliens arrive, there is no testing, nor quarantine that is actually required by Federal Law to determine if the Illegal Aliens have the Wuhan Virus or many other diseases.  Illegal Aliens may not have been inoculated for many infectious diseases, previously eliminated in the US by the US Public Health Service.  Illegal Aliens have been interdicted, detained, and found to be infected with influenza, measles, mumps, typhus, chicken pox, tuberculous, Scalia, rubella, smallpox, leprosy, syphilis, malaria, and other contagious diseases. 

The spread of those diseases will become a major health hazard for millions of American citizens, especially children in schools.  Border Patrol Agents are often infected by Illegal Aliens with some of those diseases. Currently, 8000 US Border Patrol Agents have been infected by the Wuhan Virus at the border and are off duty.  After about only one hour of processing, Illegal Aliens are being released.  The Illegal Aliens are then driven to a bus station, released, and given bus tickets to go wherever they wish to go to within the United States.  


This Biden/Harris/Obama administration Open Border Policy has become a profoundly serious threat to the economic stability of the nation, to the 15 millions unemployed Americans because Illegal Aliens will take their jobs and will threaten the National Security of the Republic, since Radical Islamic Terrorists from the Middle East are slipping into the US undetected.  Each day, according to the Border Patrol, thousands of Illegal Aliens are getting through the wide-open border undetected.  Terrorists from the Middle East on the Terrorist Watch List have been apprehended.    


The wide-open southern border is intentionally being left completely out of control.  By leaving the Southern border wide open, and inviting hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens from throughout the world, from over 70 countries to walk into the United States, the Biden/Harris/Obama administration is demonstrating daily that they don’t really care about maintaining security for the lives of American citizens and their children.  They are supporting the domestic enemies of the Republic who are in league with Communist China, and who are intent on destroying the Republic from within.  It has been reported that 42 million Illegal Aliens want to make their way to the southern border of the United States---they have been given the green light by the inaction of the Biden/Harris/ Obama administration.

In March 2021, 179,000 Illegal Aliens were apprehended entering the US, according to the Border Patrol, an equal number have entered undetected.  That number of 179,000 Illegal Aliens in 2021, is up from 39,000 Illegal Aliens that were apprehended in March 2020.  The Border Patrol has warned the Administration, that the March number is a trickle compared to what is coming.  The 20,000 unaccompanied Illegal Alien minors that entered the US in March 2021, are in custody in obscenely over-crowded facilities.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated in a press conference that there are horrific daily reports of unaccompanied migrant young girls being sexually assaulted and gang raped in US custody by older males that they are forced to be incarcerated with, all because of the out-of-control Biden/Harris/Obama astonishingly perverse wide-open borders and their Illegal immigration policy.

Pelosi’s radical Democrat Socialist Caucus is working around the clock to decrease the political power of conservative American Citizens by importing a brand-new electorate pouring into the US across the wide-open southern border in massive numbers that the nation has never experienced.  It is an outright attack on Democracy.  The Border Patrol reported although they interdicted 179,000 Illegal Aliens in March 2021, but they also report that they were only able to interdict 50% of the Illegal Aliens pouring across the wide-open Southern Border.

So, in March 2021, about 360,000 illegal aliens actually “walked across” the wide-open Southern Border.  At that rate, the Democrat Socialists will Illegally import about 4,500,000 Illegal Aliens from over 70 countries in 2021.  Many are from Middle East countries with thousands of Radical Islamic Terrorists.  To win elections, Socialist Democrats, led by Pelosi and Schumer, are making massive demographic change to the population of the United States while passing a measure in Congress HR1 designed to eliminate Voter IDs, authorize Ballot Harvesting, and authorizing the mailing of “Mail in Ballots” to every resident of a state, whether they are registered to vote or not.  The Socialist Democrat Party’s political goal is to maintain power at all costs, they no longer care about the thoughts and opinions of American citizens.

Everyone who gets through the US Southern Border without an ID is let in and given a free lawyer, cash by Catholic charities, and a government-issued debit card (filled with money provided by our taxes).  They are not quarantined as required by US Federal Law to determine if they tested for COVID-19, smallpox, tuberculosis, Ebola, or multiple other diseases.  They are not interviewed by the FBI to determine if they have terrorist ties.  They are not given a date to appear in US Immigration Court to determine if they can remain in the US.  Instead, they are given a plane or bus ticket to go wherever they want to go. 

Biden and Harris are taking their orders from Obama, supporting his open-door policy on the wide-open southern border, allowing hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens to simply walk into the United States.  Since there is no longer any impediment to walking into the United States, dictators of rogue enemy states will be emptying their prisons and sending their worst criminals to the wide-open southern border of the United States to simply walk in.  Terror cells from Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Europe, Africa, and Asia will be making their way to the wide-open southern border to walk across it, and attack American Citizens.  Mexican Drug Cartels, sex traffickers, MS-13 gang members, pedophiles, and convicted criminals will increase their illegal entries.

America is on the brink of an increase of its current crime wave, the spread of contagious diseases previously eliminated in the US by the US Public Health Service, an increase in terrorist attacks in America by Radical Islamic Terrorists to add to the Antifa and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorist attacks, and an increase in the smuggling of fentanyl by Communist China which has been killing 50,000 Americans annually.   

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.