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Opposition To Combat Veterans For Congress By San Diego County Republican Chairman

  • Opposition To Combat Veterans For Congress By San Diego County Republican Chairman

By Capt Joseph R. John, April 30, 2018: Op Ed # 386   

Over a 9 year period, from 2009 to 2018, thousands of hours have been spent communicating with 499 Combat Veterans from 50 states, additional thousands of hours have been spent doing background investigation and endorsing Combat Veterans For Congress.  Leading to the 2016 election, 112 Independent, Conservative, and Republican candidates from 38 states were endorsed, 82 of them won their primary elections, and 29% of them, or 32 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress from 22 states were elected to Congress (3 Senators and 29 US Congressmen).  To date this year in 2018, 27 Combat Veterans For Congress from 18 states have been endorsed; prior to the November 2018 mid-term election, the number of endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress may increase to 35. 

The reason 29% of the 112 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress, with no campaign experience, had no experience in politics, and no polish on the stump, but were elected because they were very hard workers, and because the County Republican Parties in 38 states where they ran, embraced them, promoted their fundraising events, helped mobilize volunteers to support their campaigns, and in many cases made donations to their campaigns.  


In every case over the last 9 years, the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress in the 11 Congressional races in San Diego County, also had no campaign experience, had no experienced in politics, had no polish on the stump, and were very hard workers like the Combat Veterans For Congress in 38 states nationally, who won 32 Congressional races, the difference is that they had no support “at all” from the San Diego County Republican Chairman.  


With 7 of the largest military bases on the West Coast, over 500,000 Veterans and Active Duty personnel residing in San Diego County, and with thousands of families and friends of the Veterans and Active Duty personnel, and just a little help from the Republican Party like the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress received in 38 states, some of the 11 Congressional elections would have been won.   


Unlike the positive reports we were being provided with by 104 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress running in 38 states, the Combat Veterans For Congress in San Diego County uniformly told us, year after year, that the Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party did not give them any support “at all”. By the preponderance of information and E-mails we have been receiving this year, the Chairman, again this year, not only refused to support the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress to obtain the Republican endorsements for their Congressional races, but he aggressively worked against them.


The lack of support, year after year, by the Chairman, can easily be verified by simply asking GySgt Nick Popaditch. USMC (Ret) (Wounded Warrior) who ran twice; Maj Mike Crimmins, USMC (Ret) who ran twice; Cdr Paul Chabot, USNR who ran twice: SgtMaj Juan Hidalgo, USMC (Ret) who is running in his second race this year; Lcdr Kirk Jorgensen, USCGR; CMDC Larry Wilske, USN (Ret) (SEAL), and Sgt Daniel Casara, USA (Ret) (Wounded Warrior) running in his first race this year. The Combat Veterans and Wounded Warriors are even being charged by the Chairman to simply have table at Republican Party gatherings, so they can pass out their campaign literature.  Taking money from struggling Combat Veterans and Wounded Warriors running for Congress, instead of helping them out, is offensive, and unpatriotic, especially when the Chairman has $600,000 in the Republican Party bank account.  


The Chairman with his Executive Committee controls the Central Committee with a firm hand, and has employed the Executive Committee procedures to eliminate candidates he doesn’t support.  Instead, he uses it to promote candidates that he picks to endorse.  He did that again this year when he prevented endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress, Sgt Daniel Casara, USA (Wounded Warrior) from even addressing the Central Committee members, to request their votes for endorsement.  Over the years, we have been informed by many rank and file Republicans, that in many previous Congressional races, they voted for Democrat Cong Peters in the 52nd Congressional District, year after year, to make sure that the Chairman’s handpicked candidates were never elected. 


In order to understand the threat facing voters by the Chairman’s handpicked candidates, the reader should understand who the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is, that were founded in Egypt in 1928.  The MB created and funded Al Q’ieda, ISIS, Hamas, the Taliban, CAIR, and many other Radical Islamic Terrorists groups.  The MB has been outlawed, and designated an International Islamic Terrorist Organization by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Russia.  In 2014, CAIR was designated an International Islamic Terrorist Organization and outlawed by the United Arab Emirates.  Seven leaders of CAIR were charged by the FBI, were subsequently indicted, convicted, and sent to jail for long prison terms or expelled from the US, for raising funds for dangerous Radical Islamic Terrorists groups, and for also planning to attack and kill Americans in the United States.  


For the last three years the MB and CAIR International Terrorist Organization have convinced the San Diego Unified School Board members to vote to include Islam and Sharia in the City School curriculum.  A lawsuit has been filed against the School Board members to get them to cease and desist corrupting the school curriculum.  In the last year, supporters of the MB and CAIR have been supporting two carpetbaggers that came into San Diego County to run for Congress against two endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress.  They have established national fundraising offices to solicit donations from supporters of the MB and CAIR in 50 states.  There is now a full court press on San Diego County by the supporters of the MB and CAIR to take political control.   


Cong Duncan D. Hunter, Maj-USMCR (R-CA-50) is the only endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress who hasn’t been opposed by the Chairman for the last 9 years, because Cong Hunter has always had very strong support from Republicans throughout San Diego County, but the Chairman’s hands off may be changing this year, because of questions that may have arisen about how some of the campaign funds may have been spent.  

The carpetbagger, Ammar Campa-Najjar, is running against Cong Hunter, he is the grandson of the Radical Islamic Terrorist, Muhammed Yusuf al-Najjar, who helped plot the Munich massacre of Olympic athletes.  Ammar Campa-Najjar is being promoted by supporters of the MB and CAIR who have established a national fundraising office soliciting donations from supporters of the MB in all 50 states; some of Najjar’s supporters donated $750,000+.  Prior to Barrack Hussein Obama’s election, Ammar Campo-Najjar was Obama’s Campaign Deputy Regional Director, and after Barack Hussein Obama took office, Campa-Najjar was appointed to serve as Head of the Office of Public Affairs of the Employment and Training Administration.

An Author, Speaker, and former US Diplomat, James Horn (USN), sent me an E-mail stating he was at a small Republican gathering, after making a speech at the Rancho Bernardo Country Club on April 20th, when was surprised and was very disappointed to hear the Chairman extol the virtues of Ammar Campa-Najjar, who is running against Cong Duncan Hunter.  We were not surprised to be hear this from James Horn, since Cong Duncan D. Hunter has been the only endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress the Chairman has not dared oppose over the last 9 years, but now seems ready to oppose him.  We strongly support Cong Duncan Hunter for re-election again this year, and will explain how the Chairman has also been opposing two other endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress running in San Diego County.

About a year ago, another carpetbagger, Omar Quadrat, who never voted in California, moved into a high rise apartment in downtown San Diego.  He is running, against an endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress, Sgt Daniel Casara, USA (Ret) (Wounded Warrior)  The Chairman has been opposing Sgt Casara, and used a vote of his Executive Committee to prevent Sgt Casara from addressing the members of the Central Committee to request their vote for endorsement.  The Chairman promoted the nomination of Omar Quadrat, who is also being promoted by supporters of the MB and CAIR.  Omar Quadrat has a national fundraising office soliciting donations from supporters of the MB in all 50 states; some of Quadrat’s supporters who donated $270,000+.  Quadrat calls the same “vacant” campaign office, with no furniture in it at all, located at 970 Seacoast Drive, Unit 7,  Imperial Beach, CA 91932 his campaign office, as does John Ray Renison-Rosas, the Mexican candidate, with dual citizenship, running for Congress in the 51stCongressional District, who has been strongly supported by the Chairman---what a coincidence.  

The Chairman refused to support SgtMaj Juan Hidalgo, USMC (Ret), a native San Diegan, who graduated from high school in National City, who served in the US Marine Corps for 34 years, fought Radical Islamic Terrorists worldwide, supports construction of a border wall, and opposes illegal immigration, who is running for Congress in the 51st Congressional District, bordering the wide open southern border.  Central Committee members told SgtMaj Hidalgo that they would endorse him, but at the last minute they did an about face, and endorsed John Ray Renison-Rosas, possibly because of a large donation made to Republican Party-------was it 20 pieces of silver?   


The Chairman is supporting John Ray Renison-Rosas running in the 51st Congressional District, who gave his address as 97 Trinidad Bend, Coronado, CA which a $1.3 million home owned by Nacif Ayala Family Trust, Gabriela Irene Ayala Saenz and Omar Nacif Serio; the address is not in the 51st Congressional District.  John Ray Renison-Rosas grew up and spent his formative years in Mexico, graduated from high school in Mexicali, told the media several years ago that he was born in Mexicali in 1976, and operates his business in Mexico.  John Ray Renison-Rosas now says he was born in San Diego, but we were unable to locate a San Diego birth certificate for him.  Click on the following link, to watch a video of John Ray Renison-Rosas, stating he considers Mexico his “Homeland”  


The 2012 Mexican Register of candidates for the Mexican Senate, listed John Ray Renison aka John Ray Renison-Rosas from Mexicali, Baja Norte, as an alternate candidate for the Mexican Green Party.  Several years later, he was a candidate for the Baja State Assembly (Camera de Deputados) for the Baja State Party (Partido Estatal de Baja California).  John Ray Renison-Rosas also performed certain work for the Mexicali City Council (Ayuntamiento); his true loyalty is to Mexico, not for the United States.  Now he running for Congress in a porous border Congressional District.


The Chairman supported a Mexican citizens who calls Mexico his “Homeland”, supports illegal immigration, supports open borders, drivers licenses for illegal aliens, tried to run for elective office in Mexico, and supports free US medical care for illegal aliens.  He states his father's and his grandfather's military service was in Vietnam and WWII; their service was performed long before John Ray Renison-Rosas was even born, their service has absolutely nothing to do with him.  His attempt to associate his background south of the border, with the military service of two Americans, is an unprincipled attempt at  “Stolen Valor.”  


Since his Republican endorsement, John Ray Renison-Rosas has been campaigning south of the border soliciting donations, and if he were ever elected to Congress, he would be beholden to those donors, and would have a major conflict of interest.  John Ray Renison-Rosas’ business would be subject to threats from Mexican politicians, who are in the pocket of the Mexican Drug Cartels.  By promoting the election of John Ray Renison-Rosas, and his support for illegal immigration and open border policies, the Chairman is aiding and abetting anti-American forces south of the border who support the continued illegal immigration into San Diego County.


The Chairman aggressively supported the endorsement of John Ray Renison-Rosas and Omar Quadrat.  We were informed that large financial donations were made to the Republican Party by representatives of Quadrat and John Ray Renison-Rosas, something Sgt Casara and SgtMaj Hidalgo couldn’t afford to do.  Over the years, Central Committee members stated that when conservative Central Committee members didn’t support the Chairman’s endorsements, they were shouted down and driven off the Central Committee by the Chairman.  


This week a member of the Chairman’s Executive Committee used filthy and vile language to threaten the health and safety of an elderly and sweet female member of the Central Committee, who persisted in her continued support for two endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress, Sgt Casara and SgtMaj Hidalgo.  That phone threat to her security was a criminal act.  Over the years, many conservative Republicans have reported that they have felt threatened by the Chairman, have become disillusioned by the way the Chairman’s aggressively controls the Central Committee, others have said they no longer support the San Diego County Republican Party, and reject the manner in which the Chairman wields an unforgiving hand, to control the Central Committee.


It is time to replace the Chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party of San Diego, who has been violating the authorized term limits permitted by each Chairman, by many years, and electing a new Patriotic Chairman who supports members of the US Armed Forces, especially Combat Veterans and Wounded Warriors, who, at one point in his lives, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount “up to and including their lives.”


It is difficult to compete with the well-financed national fund raising offices, established to solicit donations for Omar Quadrat and Ammar Campa-Najjar from supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR in all 50 states, or compete with fundraising efforts from elements south of the border soliciting donations for John Ray Renison-Rosas.  


However, we encourage the recipients of this E-mail to donate $10 to each one of the three endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress, by clicking on the links to their above listed Web sites.  The three endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress, will continue to protect and defend the US Constitution, and will oppose the foreign elements funding the three carpetbagger candidates who entered San Diego County, in order to take control of three Congressional seats.  


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author