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In Order to Indoctrinate Students In Socialism, US History Was Revised, Common Sense Was Obstructed

  • In Order to Indoctrinate Students In Socialism, US History Was Revised, Common Sense Was Obstructed

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 14, 2019: Op Ed #432     

“It was a cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”  Thus began that prophetic novel, “George Orwell’s 1984”, written forty years earlier, preparing the reader for a dystopian future under “Socialism” – a society of great suffering and injustice, and bereft of reason.  This symbol of the thirteenth stroke brings into question what transpired through all the previous twelve hours, when inhumanity (i.e. Socialism) triumphed over our society, destroying our time, our common sense, and our history itself.  

In Orwell’s tale, words were constantly being removed from the language and history was repeatedly being revised (as it has been revised over the last 15 years, in Common Core US History textbooks with inaccurate facts being force fed to unsuspecting grammar and high school students by Progressive, Socialists, and Marxists teachers), so that the citizens could no longer formulate independent thoughts or reason, nor use common sense---common sense was no longer common.  

The character, Winston Smith, explains, “He who controls the past, controls the future." (That is exactly what radical teachers and professors in public schools and in college have been doing for over 15 years in order to indoctrinate students in Socialism.)  They have been encouraging students to get involved in violent street demonstrations to demolish historic monuments.  They have been white washing the accurate History of the Republic once taught in public schools for over 225 years, while aggressively slandering the Founding Fathers as slavers, and degrading the principles upon which the Republic was founded.  

As a condition of receiving financial funding from the US Department of Education, the 50 State Departments of Education have been required to purchase mandated US History textbooks used in the Common Core curriculum that have been revised to portray an inaccurate and negative account of US History.  Those US History textbooks portray a very critical account of what transpired in the Republic for 243 years, while faulting the principles upon which the Founding Fathers established the Republic.  

Students have been indoctrinated that Socialism is a much better system than The Free Enterprise System that built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind.  Teachers and professors fail to inform students that Socialism is government control of just about everything; independent freedoms of the individual are eliminated in a Socialist State.  Today many millions of students are supporting Bernie Sanders and prefer Socialism to the Free Enterprise System.

Universities have become indoctrination centers for students lacking the worldly wisdom to discriminate fact from theory.  One example where Radical Progressive Socialists and Marxist Professors in universities have been indoctrinating students, where common sense is not so common, is to tell them that the birth of child with the genitalia of a male or a female is not a valid identity of the child’s sex.  

Students are told that men can declare themselves as women, and be permitted to unfairly compete in women’s sporting championships.  The gender identity conflict is creating an unsafe environment for young girls, forcing them to share showers, bathrooms, and locker rooms with adult males identifying themselves as women---a very dangerous proposition, where common sense is no longer common.  

There is a simple profound truth that radical professors cover up the actual 100 year history of Socialism.  Man does not and cannot know everything about economics, especially when tradition and customs are ignored by an oppressive Socialist State with insufficient knowledge, but acts as if it knows how to control the economy.  In Socialist States, disaster has always followed; observe Venezuela wherein starving people have been eating their pets and have been drinking water from polluted sources, and in Cuba where food is being rationed.

Those same radical professors in college, and teachers indoctrinating students with the Common Core Curriculum in public schools, refuse to inform students who lack worldly wisdom the fact that Socialism has failed in the 37 countries over the last 100 years, whenever it has been tried.  The focus in public schools and in college over the last 15 years is to re-educate America’s youth in order to convince them that democracy is a poor form of government, and that Socialism is the most effective form of government.   

Socialist countries behind the Iron Curtain and Scandinavian countries determined that Socialism does not work, and they all determined they had to return to capitalism in order to survive economically.  The “Democratic Socialists” government of Finland collapsed two weeks ago; its Prime Minister and Cabinet resigned due to the unsustainable costs of universal health care.  For many years, Bernie Sanders has been heaping lavish praise on Finland, and saying: “If Finland can provide everyone with health care, send everyone college for free, and provide affordable child care, why can’t the US?” 

Government has no resources of its own which must take revenue from working taxpayers to fund massive Welfare/Socialist programs for Illegal Aliens.  Free healthcare, free college education, payments for child care, food stamps, government funded housing, etc., is being proposed by Bernie Sanders and Democrats in Congress.  That would require increasing taxes to cover the estimated $2,030 trillion costs for 25 million Illegal Aliens.  An experiment by a teacher in the below listed article, demonstrates why Socialism does not work.

The same radical professors and teachers in public schools have been preventing students from exercising their “Freedom Of Speech” in the classroom and on campus when they do not agree with the instructors' radical leftist beliefs, and if the speech is determined not to be “Politically Correct”.  The Trump administration recently warned colleges and universities that if they continue to abridge students' “Freedom of Speech”, government financial support for those institutions would be terminated.

"He who controls the present controls the past.”  We are living in similar times, perhaps not as dramatically, but certainly equally disturbing as “George Orwell’s 1984”.  By attacking the sanctity of marriage, family, attending religious services, and telling students that fathers are no longer necessary, is how Progressives are denigrating the pillar of American society, the family unit.   

Common Core has changed the classroom learning experience that previously succeeded for over 225 years.  By eliminating the requirement that students independently fill in school workbooks, preventing them from working independently, and requiring they complete the same workbooks in groups rather than as an individual (preventing students from development of independent thought).  The removal of certain novels from the once revered school independent reading lists, and substituting certain invaluable novels with anti-American, Socialist, and Marxist reading material disorients the student’s perceptions and confuses their values.   

Some Common Core instructional policies require isolating students while educating them in certain areas by employing computerized instruction programs in individual student’s classroom computers. This includes topics such as controversial sexual orientation programs, which are designed to preclude parents from being made aware of what their children are being taught, since it might violate the parent's religious beliefs.  

American Students were much better prepared for college 15 years ago, before Progressive teachers began teaching with the Common Core Curriculum.  Despite the fact that the United States spends more on funding education than any other country, the changes made in classroom instruction 15 years ago by installing the Common Core Curriculum is in large part, responsible for the poor American educational outcome on the world stage.  

According to Pew Research, US educational achievement lags that of many other countries; the US stands 37th in math, 23rd in science, and 22nd in reading proficiency---many of the countries whose students out performed US students are much smaller and spend much less on education.  The teaching programs by many of the countries who outperform the US, actually employ educational techniques similar to those the US once employed, prior to shifting to the Common Core Curriculum. 

Controlling the present by trying to cover up the past 243 years of factual US History is the way Progressives, Socialists, and Marxist teachers and professors have been conditioning America’s youth to accept collectivism and Socialism, instead of teaching them the accurate history of the Republic, and pointing out the value of The Free Enterprise System.  

If Americans are to remain free and independent as outlined in The Bill of Rights and The US Constitution, the revised and inaccurate US History textbooks and Socialism must be eliminated from the Common Core Curriculum.  The value of The Free Enterprise, the Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution must be taught in public schools.  Radical Progressive, Socialists, and Marxist teachers and professors should be informed that they will never be able to revise 100 years of videos taken of US History!  

      This Op Ed includes excerpts from “When The Clock Strikes 13” by Tabitha Korol, inserted, throughout the narrative. 

     "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery"     
                                                       -- Winston Churchill 

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