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The Patriot Purge is Underway in The US Armed Forces

  • The Patriot Purge is Underway in The US Armed Forces

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 14, 2021, Op Ed #561

On this Armed Forces Day, to protect every member of the US Armed Forces serving the Republic, we are exposing the very dangerous initiative hatched by Biden/Harris/Obama to the American Citizens, that is destroying the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces.  The Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, hired a Radical DOD Extremist Czar, Bishop Garrison, to search for and oust extremists from the US Armed Forces.  Bishop Garrison’s official title is The Senior Advisor to The Secretary of Defense on Human Capital and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  Garrison will oversee the implementation of immediate actions required to combat Patriot Extremism, as well as the development of the mid-term and long-term recommendations for the continued engagement to combat Patriot Extremism.  

Garrison is a 1619 Project racist activist who believes in and provides support for the racist principles of 1619 Project, which is based on outright lies, that never actually occurred in history.  He is implementing a very sinister and extremely dangerous initiative in the US Armed Forces by force-feeding Critical Race Theory into the entire US Armed Forces, which is degrading the “Combat Effectiveness” and “Unit Cohesion” of the US military.  The Obama-screened inept woke Superintendents at West Point and the US Naval Academy have been inserting Critical Race Theory, politics, and racism into the curriculum of those Service Academies to the detriment of “Unit Cohesion” and “Comradery” in the Long Gray Line and in The Brigade of Midshipmen.  


Bishop Garrison has repeatedly stated that anyone in the US Armed Forces who supported President Donald J. Trump is a racist and must be purged from the US military.  Garrison does not see Army Green, instead he only sees “race”, unlike every recruit trained in the US Army over the last 80 years who have been taught that there is only one color in the US Army: Army Green.  Garrison is only searching for MAGA Red and is determined to get all of those supporters of President Trump out of the US military.  This is a flagrant violation of the Civil Rights of every member of the US Armed Forces, but Secretary Austin has given Garrison free range to hunt out and eliminate career opportunities for any Patriot supporter of President Trump.  


Garrison has been tasked with reviewing, updating, and redefining, what “Extremism” is, but that does not include members of ANTIFA and the Marxist Black Live Matter Domestic Terrorist groups who are Extremists.  They have put over 8,000 Police Officers in hospitals, torched thousands of police cruisers, destroyed and torched over $2 billion in infrastructure in over 200 Sanctuary Cities, while being responsible for the death of over 300 Americans over the last 17 months.  

Garrison and SecDef Austin say Extremism is rampant and a major problem in the US Armed Forces, that it is sinister and dangerous, and that every effort is underway to find and oust Patriot Extremists from the US Armed Forces.  Garrison is the Director of a Commission of Extremism Study which is responsible for rooting out extremist behavior within the US Armed Forces to gain greater fidelity on the scope of the Patriot Extremists in the US Armed Forces.  Garrison chairs a weekly Pentagon Countering Extremism Working Group that have been changing the US Armed Forces. 

One of Garrison’s first acts was to empower Veterans to spy on and to report on fellow Veterans who they consider Extremists, and to report on potential contacts who are in Extremist groups.


Garrison is changing the method of screening and recruiting personnel into the US Armed Forces to exclude Patriot Extremists from being recruited.  


Garrison is standardizing a screening questionnaire for every branch of the US Armed Forces to update and standardize a screening questionnaire to solicit specific information about current or previous extremist behavior by an individual member of the US Armed Forces. 

An example of purging a Patriot from the US Armed Forces is the case of Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier, who graduated from US Air Force Academy in 2006, and was a former instructor and fighter pilot for 14 years.  In October 2020, he was transferred into the Space Force and was assigned as the Commander of the 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base; the unit is tasked with detecting ballistic missile launches.  He previously self-published a book titled "Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military", which claims Marxist ideologies are becoming prevalent in the US military.  

In a podcast, he spoke about U.S. institutions, including universities, media and federal agencies including the military, that he said were increasingly adopting leftist practices.  He said these practices -- such as diversity and inclusion training -- are the systemic causes for the divisive climate across America today.  For expressing his “Freedom of Speech”, Lt Col Lohmeier was relieved from his post on Friday by Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, the head of Space Operations Command, because of comments he made during a podcast promoting his new book.


By clicking on the below listed link you will be able to hear a great deal more about the despicable Patriot Purge underway in the US Armed Forces.


Garrison has been directed to initiate the below listed Lines of Effort (LOE) with the help of internal and “external—non-military” Subject Matter Experts as follows:

·    Line of Effort 1: Altering the Military Justice and Policy. This LOE will focus on the role of military justice and policy. It will evaluate whether seeking to amend the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) or amending related department policy is appropriate to address Extremism. This LOE will determine if regulations are sufficient or should be expanded to authorize it to purge and oust Extremists from the US Armed Forces. 


·    Line of Effort 2: Support and Oversight of Insider Threat Program. This LOE will determine how the Department should facilitate better information collection and sharing among Service Insider Threat Programs, law enforcement organizations, security organizations, and commanders and supervisors. This group will work to strengthen Insider Threat Programs and the Direct Awareness Campaign with the goal of promoting the use of the Insider Threat programs to report concerning behaviors for both military and civilian personnel.


·    Line of Effort 3: Screening Capability. This LOE will discuss the Department's pursuit of scalable and cost-effective capabilities to screen publicly available electronic information in accessions and continuous vetting for national security positions. The LOE will make recommendations on further development of such capabilities and incorporating machine learning and natural language processing into social media screening platforms. This LOE will also endeavor to develop policy to expand user activity monitoring of both Secret Internet Protocol (SIPR) and Non-Classified Internet Protocol (NIPR) systems. 


·    Line of Effort 4: Education and Training. This LOE will utilize the current extremist and Insider Threat training review being conducted by Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Public Relations and Office of he Under Secretary of Defense Legal Services Agency and examine existing training and make recommendations and updates to change the training material for different leadership levels and separate and discrete targeted audiences, as necessary. It will use lessons learned from the Stand Down to enhance current reviews of training and education. This LOE will also ensure training addresses issues raised by commanders and supervisors on “gray areas” such as reading, following, and "liking" extremist material and content in social media forums and platforms, to target those service members who may be in extremist groups, to eliminate those Extremists.  

In fact, this is a racist quest by Bishop Garrison, which was started by Obama in 2008.  It is being driven forward by the Marxists, Socialists and the Biden/Harris/ Obama administration to purge of Patriotic Americans and destroy the “Combat Effectiveness and “Unit Cohesiveness” of the US Armed Forces, while eliminating any support for the founding principles that The Founding Fathers provided to their posterities in 1776, and substituting that with the racist principles of the 1619 Project.  


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