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Come join our Patriotic Celebration at the Sheraton Harbor Island Hotel on October 9th. The general celebration will begin at 7:00 PM and will present an opportunity for you to meet many of the 27 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress from 16 states who are standing for election to Congress in November. To view the photos, backgrounds, and Web sites of 27 endorsed candidates, please click on ENDORSED CANDIDATES on the home page on the web site of . To view a previous event sponsored by the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC, please click on EVENTS on the Web site. Also, to see the list of those formally endorsing Combat Veterans For Congress PAC, please click on PAC ENDORSEMENTS.

There will be live big band music, entertainment, Hollywood film celebrities, and some very special surprise guests. Attendees will also have the opportunity to personally thank some of those who are actively serving to protect our freedoms. It is planned to host ambulatory wounded Combat Veterans from Balboa Naval Hospital recuperating from their wounds, as well as recently returned Combat Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan as honored guests. 

To receive your invitation via US Mail, or to sponsor an enlisted Combat Veteran to attend the function, please E-mail your full name, title, mailing address, and a contact phone number to . A donation of $300 per guest is requested. There will be a special VIP event and photo session for the Combat Veterans For Congress, celebrities, returning Combat Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, and those guests who donate $600 for themselves and to also sponsor one enlisted Combat Veteran to attend the event. The funds raised by this event will be used to support the election of candidates endorsed by Combat Veterans For Congress PAC. Please note that campaign finance law precludes the acceptance of corporate checks. 

The Sheraton Harbor Island Hotel is located at 1380 Harbor Island Drive in San Diego. For information about the hotel and a map, go to .

We look forward to meeting you and together celebrating the patriotism that has always been part of the foundation of our great nation.


Capt. Joseph R. John, USNR (Ret), 

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC