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The President's Counsel's Letter to the US House of Representatives About the Secret Impeachment Inquiry

  • The President's Counsel's Letter to the US House of Representatives About the Secret Impeachment Inquiry

By Capt Joseph R. John, October 14, 2019: Op Ed #452

The letter sent to Speaker Pelosi and four House Committee Chairmen, from the White House Counsel to the President notified them that the Executive Office of the President will not cooperate with the secret “Impeachment Inquiry” that was initiated by a speech Pelosi made at a Press Conference.

The investigation taking place in the House of Representatives is taking place in secret, behind closed doors, that prevents Republican members of Congress from having any rights at all; the Democrat majority is preventing witnesses from being called by Republican members of the House to testify and contest the invalid testimony of Democrat witnesses.  

The “Impeachment Inquiry” should have been initiated by a vote of the US House of Representatives.  In response to the White House Press Corps questions, President Trump stated that he would fully cooperate with an “Impeachment Inquiry” if the US House of Representative would hold a vote to initiate it, in accordance with Congressional precedence that previously initiated the “Impeachment Inquiries” of President Nixon and President Clinton, with the then vote of the full House of Representatives.

Instead of releasing the full testimony of Ambassador Paul Volker, taken in secret behind closed doors, that exonerates the President of the false allegations made by Democrats that allege President Trump threatened the President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine with the loss of military aid.  Instead, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff leaked a very brief portion of Volker’s 7 hour testimony, to drive Schiff’s negative narrative about the conversation that President Trump had with the President Zelensky.

According to the San Francisco Examiner article written by Kerry Picket on October 11th, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, recruited two disgruntled Democrat deep state, former National Security Council (NSC) staff members who worked in The Obama White House and were holdovers in the Trump White House.  It turns out that those two NSC aides worked with the so-called Whistleblower who was also a holdover from the Obama White House, and was assigned by John Brennan to the Ukraine Desk on the NSC White House Staff for Trump administration.   

Abigail Grace, 36 who worked on the NSC Staff of the Trump White House until 2018, was hired by Schiff in February 2019 to investigate the Trump White House.  Sean Misko, 37, who worked on the NSC Staff of the Trump White House until 2017, was hired by Schiff in August 2019 to investigate the Trump White House.  That was the same month the so-called Whistleblower submitted the Whistleblower Complaint.  

Grace and Misko previously arranged the meeting of the prospective Whistleblower, with Schiff’s Chief of Staff, who recommended that attorneys should be engaged to help the CIA Analyst draft the Whistleblower Complaint.  Is there any doubt that that person would have been introduced to Adam Schiff?  The Whistleblower Complaint which is normally a one paragraph memo, e-mailed to the Inspector General, became a 9-page Whistleblower Complaint based on false “hearsay” information, replete with legal jargon with layers of editing by attorneys, and was finally filed on August 12, 2019.   

It is obvious that Adam Schiff was orchestrating this latest political setup, this time employing the Whistleblower Statute, in his attempt to impeach President Trump.  His hope was to use the Whistleblower Statute, in order to prevent the White House attorneys and members of the Republican Congress from interrogating the complainant.  The Democrats intend to impeach President Trump in secret, behind closed doors, and using a bogus Whistleblower Complaint that is actually violating provisions of The Whistleblower Act.   

It is an abuse of power by Adam Schiff, whose position as the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee does not authorize him to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to impeach President Trump; his position as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee requires that he focuses and expends his budget on US Intelligence issues.

The Whistleblower Protection Act was passed by Congress and signed into Law by President George H. W. Bush in 1989.  The definition of a government Whistleblower is someone who has “firsthand knowledge” of a violation of the law, an illegal act, or an act that damages the national security of the US, and requires that person to file a complaint about the issue with the Inspector General (IG) in the specific agency of government where they work, and where the violation occurred.  

The Federal Whistleblower Protection Act is a Federal Law and has not been amended by an Act of Congress, and in order to be credible to the IG in the Agency where the violation occurred, must provide reliable, “firsthand” information about the violation.  The Whistleblower Complaint Form cautions the complainant that the complaint cannot be based upon “hearsay” information.

The Whistleblower Statute would have required, in this case, that a Whistleblower Complainant would have had to have been filed by the complainant with Inspector General (IG) for The Executive Office of the President, not with the IG of the Intelligence Community.  The President was not discussing intelligence details nor concepts on his call with the President of Ukraine, so the IG of the Intelligence Community was the wrong IG to file the Whistleblower Complaint with. 

According to the Washington Examiner, the so-called Whistleblower is a registered Democrat, who the Director of Intelligence said is biased and used “hearsay” information, that was obtained from other biased government employees who were also biased and opposed to President Trump.  The career CIA Analyst was assigned to the Obama White House’s NSC Ukraine Desk and worked closely with former Vice President Joe Biden who had been tasked with the responsibility of being in charge of working with Ukraine by Obama. 

The complainant did not tell the IG that they had met with Adam Schiff’s Chief of Staff before filing the complaint (and most probably with Adam Schiff), and that he or she had the assistance of Adam Schiff’s staff and attorneys in filing the Whistleblower Complaint.  That is a violation of Federal Law, and could open the complainant to federal prosecution.

The alleged Whistleblower didn’t have first hand knowledge of President Trump’s conversation with the President Zelensky.  The Whistleblower Complaints did not coincide with the actual transcript of the President’s conversation with President Zelensky.  The 9-page complaint, was based on false “hearsay” information, replete with lies, and the complainant wrote they disapproved of the “tone” of President Trump’s conversation, when he or she had not even heard the conversation.  

In accordance with the provisions of the Whistleblower Act, the Whistleblower Complaint was invalid, because it was based upon “hearsay” information, instead of first hand knowledge.  The complaint that was filed was by a “Leaker”, not by a Whistleblower.  

The “Leaker’s” advisor was James Clapper, who himself was exposed as the “Leaker” of false information to the press throughout the Mueller’s Russian Collusion Investigation.  

The “Leaker” who was assigned to the White House NSC Ukraine Desk by John Brennan was subsequently removed from the White House by President Trump’s Chief of Staff.

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi never expected President Trump to release the full transcript of his conversation with President Zelensky to the public, and that it would reveal that the Whistleblower charges were false and trumped up.

In a White House press conference on October 2nd, President Trump pointed out that President Zelensky of Ukraine stated, in front of The White House press corps, that there was no pressure exerted on him “at all” when President Trump requested that Ukraine "look into" the Ukrainian corruption that affected the 2016 US Presidential Election.


Ukraine actually began an investigation into the corruption that affected the 2016 Presidential campaign in April 2019, long before President Trump’s July 2019 request of President Zelensky for such an investigation to take place.  The Ukraine investigation probably began because of Attorney General William Barr’s announcement at a press conference that he is initiating an investigate into the corruption that affected the 2016 Presidential election.

When President Zelensky returned to Ukraine, he held a 12 hour press conference, where he repeatedly stated that there was no pressure put on him by President Trump in their conversation, and that he didn't even have any idea, at all, that military aid was previously delayed, because Ukraine had received all of its military aid from the US.

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