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Radical Islamic Terrorists Threaten to Attack Mormon Tabernacle Temple in San Diego

  • Radical Islamic Terrorists Threaten to Attack Mormon Tabernacle Temple in San Diego

By Capt Joseph R. John, December 5, 2017: Op Ed # 376  

ISIS Radical Islamic Terrorists are in San Diego and have distributed threats on the Internet against the Mormon Tabernacle Temple in University City and to continue genocide against Americans who do not practice the Muslim religion, against all Christians, and against all Americans who celebrate the birth of Christ during the Christmas Season.


The below listed E-mail provides more details.


There have been 210 Radical Islamic Terrorists attacks or planned attacks on US soil perpetrated since 9/11, by Radical Islamic Terrorists, Muslim Refugees, descendants of Muslim Refugees, by Radicalized Islamists, Jihadists who traveled to Syria or Africa to train with Al Shabab, ISIS, Al Q’ieda, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The countries of origins from which many of the Radical Islamic Terrorists have been entering the US through the UN Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program, from Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Iran, and Libya.  Except for Iran, those countries had effectively no control over the identity of terrorists operating and training within their country’s borders. 


Over an 8 year period, the 210 attacks on US soil have killed over 127 Americans, wounded over 400 Americans, and have perpetrated rapes on American women, one as young as 6 years old.  The attacks have been covered up by the politically correct Obama administration working in concert with the left of center liberal media establishment.


The Radical Islamic Terrorist perpetrated attacks on US soil occurred in Morganton (NC), Philadelphia (PA), Sacramento (CA), San Bernardino (CA), Oakland (CA), Fresno (CA) San Francisco (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Richmond (CA), Merced (CA), Moore (OK), Kissimmee (FL), Orlando (FL), Mount Pleasant (NJ), West Orange (NJ), Buena Vista (NJ), Fort Hood (TX), Houston (TX), Waltham (MA), Garland (TX), Irving (TX), Port Bolivar (TX), Portland (ME), Chattanooga (TN), Boston (MA), Portland (OR), Minneapolis (MN), St. Cloud (MN), Faribault (MN), Polk County (MN), Jonesboro (GA), Lawrenceville (GA), Toledo (OH), Ashtabula (OH), Columbus (OH), Cincinnati (OH), Glendale (AZ), Phoenix (AZ), Little Rock (AR), Marquette Park (IL), Chicago (IL), Kennewick (WA), Seattle (WA), Skyway (WA), Clarksburg (MD), Aspen Hill (MD), Baltimore (MD), Springfield (VA), Roanoke (VA), Arlington (VA), Fredricksburg (VA), Manassas (VA), Montgomery County (MO), St Louis (MO), Bowling Green (KY), Washington (DC), Detroit (MI), Warren (MI), Flint Michigan Airport (MI), Baton Rouge (LA), Montgomery (AL), Aberdeen, (SD), Hamden (CT), Colorado Springs (CO), Denver (CO), Scottsville (NY), Bingham (NY), Buffalo (NY), Time Square (NYC), Niskayuna (NY), LaGuardia Airport, (NY), Chelsea Area of Manhattan (NY), Twin Falls (ID), Boise (ID), the Panama Canal Zone (Panama), etc. 


The FBI has reported that hundreds of second generation Muslim refugees who were put on a fast track program to become US Citizens by the Obama administration, who previously left the US to join overseas terrorist organizations such as al-Shaba in Somalia and ISIS & Al Q’ieda in Syria Iraq, were permitted to return without being arrested.  


Over 2000+ terrorist cases have been opened by the FBI in all 50 states, evaluating plots to kill Americans. The FBI has gained convictions in 37 ISIS Radical Islamic Terrorist cases, of plots to kill Americans on US soil.  


Former Director of the FBI, James Comey, said fifteen percent (15%) of the 2000+ terrorist cases under investigation (or roughly 300 cases), can be attributed to be coming from the 900,000+ Middle East and African Muslim Refugees, that Obama resettlement in 187 cities throughout the US over the last 8 years.  The Obama administration refused to allow the FBI to interrogate any of the 900,000+ Muslim Refugees resettled in the US, to determine if they had terrorist ties.   


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.   



On November 29 a jihadist media group published an image suggesting San Diego could be in the crosshairs of terrorists this holiday season. The San Diego California Temple in University City appears to be their target of choice.


An image of a terrorist holding an assault rifle was superimposed on the Mormon temple, which appears to be on fire. The two towering spires rise up on either side of the jihadist. A statement at the bottom of the image reads, “Coming Soon..# San Diego.” The words “Coming Soon” are wrapped in Christmas decorations and splattered with red.

The same media group has recently published other calls for terrorism during the holiday season and made threats against other religious sites. On November 22 they published an image of a militant facing the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican with a wolf and an RPG launcher next to him. Many other calls for lone-wolf attacks were published, including vehicular attacks in Manhattan and another targeting the Vatican with the words “Christmas Blood.”

An increased police presence was noticed around the temple in University City since news of the image broke. The temple’s website states at the top of the page, “Temple closed today and tomorrow.”…………