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Reclaim The Republic

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By Capt Joseph R. John, December 20, 2020, Op Ed #532

On October 8th, Communist China purchased Dominion Voter Systems for $400,000.00 in order to install malware via the Internet into the Dominion Voting Machines in 28 states, and then to electronically transfer votes away from President Trump while adding votes to Biden’s vote totals.  On November 3rd, Dominion Machines were tabulating the votes of Americans for The President of the United States, then transferring those votes from 28 states to Sycle Servers in Frankfurt, Germany. Iran, Serbia, Pakistan, Communist China, and Russia had access to the Sycle Servers.  For the first time in US History, the tabulation of the votes for the election of The President of the United States was not controlled by Americans.  The votes were tabulated by foreigners overseas who had access to the Sycle Servers, and they were working closely with Communist China.  Click on the below listed link to understand the enormity of Electronic Election Theft that occurred on November 3rd.


The principle of “One Vote One Man” was violated, and the enormity of the Voter Fraud was exposed by thousands of whistleblowers who completed sworn affidavits and submitted them to attorneys under the penalty of perjury.  Millions of votes exceeded the numbers of registered voters in many counties. Millions of absentee votes were counted as valid votes, although they exceeded the request by residents for absentee ballots from the Registrar of Voters.  If the massive Voter Fraud that took place on November 3rd is not rectified, the Republic will never have another “free and fair” election under the provisions outlined in the US Constitution: that elections in the Republic must be decided by “One Vote One Man”.   


The Combat Veterans For Congress PAC is joining with and supporting Gregory J. Halpern, a very successful and wealthy entrepreneur in support of his project “Reclaim The Republic”.  Gregory’s very impressive background is listed in the attachment, with how he is encouraging Americans to join together to oppose the Voter Fraud perpetrated in 6 battleground states, and in his call for all Patriotic Americans to demand the restoration of voter integrity in the 2020 Presidential election and all future elections.  


The below listed summary outlines the unstable situation the Republic is in today.  Americans must band together as Patriots to save our US Constitutional Republic from Communist China’s plan to change the Republic into a Socialist State:


?  Senator McConnell was discredited in the eyes of many Americans by siding with Biden as the “winner” of an obviously fraudulent election.

?  Millions of Americans will reject both the corrupt Democrat Socialist Party, and the GOP’s lack of support for President Trump, if Biden prevails.  

?  Signs are now evident that Communist China has been at war with the United States since President Trump was elected, and that the US was under attack at many levels.

?  Cyber-attacks that appear to have originated in Communist China have penetrated and compromised US government agencies that control all nuclear missiles and nuclear material stockpiles (the fake leftist media reported that the hacks were from Russia).  They were devastating Cyber-attacks, with huge implications, since national security secrets were compromised.

?  LTG Flynn and LTG McInerney have called on President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and expose the “foreign interference” by Communist China, Iran, and Russia in the 2020 US Presidential election, while tabulating the final vote count off-shore.

?  Lin Wood, Esq., accused SCOTUS Justice Roberts of being corrupt and betraying American voters for refusing to support a free and fair election in 2020.

?  The Pentagon ordered all of its internal “secure” communications systems to shut down across the board, due to the devastating Cyber-attack referred to above.

?  The Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration were both hacked and compromised, revealing national security secrets and details about America’s nuclear missiles, nuclear fuel, conventional power grid assets and more.  It was a huge breach of National Security employing Cyber warfare.

?  Because of the extent of the hacking of strategic networks, DOD is expecting continued adversary actions directed against the United States by Communist China.

?  SCOTUS is slow-walking the Sidney Powell, Esq. lawsuit which has standing.  By refusing to hear the case before the vote of the Electors and by giving respondents 4 weeks to respond instead of asking them to respond in several days, it was another SCOTUS betrayal of the American voters; they instead are supporting the fraudulent election of Biden. 

?  There is a tug of war within the National Intelligence Agency, with some of the deep state members refusing to allege that Communist China’s actions are acts of war.  Miles Guo (a well-known Chinese dissident) stated, “The war between the Chinese Communist Party and the United States has already started and the battlefield is in the United States.”


Please review Gregory J. Halpern letter in the attachment, and contact him directly to let him know you support our joint effort to oppose the voter fraud that was perpetrated in the 2020 election, and that you believe, as we do, that President Trump was in fact elected on November 3rd.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or be distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.


Patriots In Action

To My Fellow Patriots & Protectors of Freedom, 

My name is Greg Halpern, and I am the founder of Reclaim The Republic. Let me start by saying that I love President Donald J. Trump and I will stop at nothing to ensure he stays in office for a 2nd term so he can finish the tremendous work he is doing and clean out the enormous bad actors who have corrupted our government to such a level that we all now face the consequences of losing all of our freedoms that we still believed we had less than a year ago. You are receiving this thanks to my dear friend and amazing lifelong Patriot Captain Joseph John and because you are already at a very high level of understanding the grave reality, we now find ourselves in. But rather than continuing to state the obvious, I want to tell you emphatically, that I have a clear plan that guarantees that if we all work together beginning immediately, it will absolutely succeed rapidly. This plan will fix the entire situation by eliminating the bad actors, preventing the massive domestic terrorism we all know is at the root of their current plan of chaos, and take back our Republic once and for all, allowing us to build it into the strongest, most dynamic and durable version of its great potential that we as Patriots hold deep within our very hearts and souls as the one and only ideal of the Great American Dream. President Trump is at grave risk of having the system corruptly manipulated and contrary to people's chronic analysis of how he will be congressionally chosen to be the President or that continual rallies plus lawsuits, plus congressional vote-offs after Electoral challenges equal a path back to re- election, the continual lack of people standing up for him due to a majority of our officials having long been bought off by foreign powers, plus being threatened, plus most having also engaged in crimes against humanity, makes it very tough for the President to keep finding ways to battle and at the same time find the right magic formula to be properly elected as he already was. We all know he shouldn't even be fighting this battle on this front. We all know he won by a landslide. We all know the Election Fraud is rampant and pervasive. We all know we shouldn't even be facing this in the first place. It is one giant smoking pile of Treason by the media, and the sellout politicians nationwide. In short, we cannot seriously rely on any part of the system to resolve through procedure a clear path for our Man of the People to be elected in any process and I can assure you, President Trump is not only not confident in those methods being debated ad nauseam on negative daily news cycles, but he has hinted over and over what he needs from us. All he gets for that is a lot of atta-boys and rallies and legislative challenges. What he needs right now in real time is the largest group of well-known voices of committed-to-the- cause Patriots making crystal clear our full support and the will of the people behind him to publish the full results of the massive election and voter fraud and foreign interference, and the Mandate under our Constitution available at ReclaimTheRepublic.Net with our Action Plan and support solutions. Here are just a few of the hundreds of examples of rampant election fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election - •       Election Data Analyzed Producing Detailed Lists of Over 500,000 Votes Switched from Trump to Biden Via Voting Machine Software Theft ?•       500,000 ballots in Virginia labeled with wrong return address ?•       80,000 ballots disappeared in Baltimore ?•       138,221 People voted in Georgia who had moved out of the state prior ?to the election. ?•       700+ Sworn affidavits alleging voter fraud. Lying on a sworn affidavit ?can result in jail time. ?•       51,000 ballots in Pennsylvania were marked as returned just a single ?day after they were sent out. ?•       23,000 ballots in PA that had a return date earlier than the sent date. ?•       More Than 450,000 Ballots In Key States "Miraculously" Only Have a ?Mark for Biden ?•       PA rejects 336,000 duplicate ballot requests, 34,000 rejected for other ?reasons. Many voters request ballots up to 11 times ?•       400,000 ballots sent to residents who moved out of state or died in ?California ?•       Georgia: Recount finds 2,600 Trump Ballots that election ?workers “forgot” to upload ?•       21,000 dead registrants on PA voter rolls in final weeks of election ?•       At 4 AM 3 Vehicles Showed Up with 130,000 + Ballots for Joe ?Biden in Detroit Michigan ?•       Michigan: 10,000+ dead turned in mail-in ballots to vote in Michigan ?•       Michigan: Computer “glitch” gives 138,000 votes to Biden ?•       Georgia: Pro-Biden “bug” suspected in GA vote counting software, ?Biden got 20k vote jump ?•       Dominion voting system software “glitched” for Biden in MI, GA, ?and was used in 28 states ?We have a small window of time left to mobilize all American Patriots who stand with our President so that he has the support he needs to drain the swamp once and for all and protect the freedoms that make our country great. At ReclaimTheRepublic.Net we have provided several of the steps in our action plan which are designed for inevitable effectiveness and predictable success. ?I’ve enjoyed many successes over a rich 40-year career in the small business arena, having been featured on Oprah, and nearly every major network, ?including inventing crowdfunding in 1998, transferring technologies in Defense, Agriculture, Science and Health. Over the same period, I've raised and invested nearly 140 million dollars, which has returned more than 562 million to investors while creating close to a billion dollars of commerce, fighting for small business and the Great American Dream and bringing new laws to Congress to benefit American small business. I want to be clear, I didn’t need to do all of this and could have just lived out my existence taking the easy road, but as a lifelong fighter against bullies, I know in my heart the only right thing to do is to be sure that the future of our Republic is secure and that each subsequent generation after ours will have a planet that's worth inheriting. We must make it clear to the President we are not going to allow this election to stand. We are never going to let Biden step foot in the White House. We understand these are distractions to prepare for the coming domestic anarchy and terrorism which we are not going to stand for either. The problem is that everybody is not unified on the common end goal and everyone is not unified on any particular solutions except Reclaim The Republic. Having first campaigned for Ronald Reagan in 1979, learning all about free enterprise, capitalism and the great American dream, like President Trump I’ve always been a supporter of the little guy. The Free Enterprise System works when everyone has a chance. President Trump calls for the need for a level playing field. Everybody needs to start with that. The fact that we’re still having a discussion about whether he can overcome election fraud is completely absurd. Every single way you analyze it shows Biden didn’t get any meaningful votes. Him parading around as President-Elect is totally insulting. Biden is a hardened criminal. We only agree and demand his arrest and prosecution. His family is selling information to foreign governments. We can say that it was 74 million people that voted for President Trump, but I can prove it was over 100 million. I’m not going to spend any more time trying to prove anything or trying to figure out how to get past fake media owned by Big Tech. I’ve worked on the anti-trust against Google, and I’ve proven their involvement in the child sex-slavery ring called Backpage. I’ve worked on their election fraud mind control with their orchestrated censorship. What our politicians and leaders other than President Trump have proven is that they are all swamp creatures. Every opportunity they’ve had, they’ve stabbed this President in the back. I don't have any more time to prove that he’s a good President. The fact that he’s willing to stand in there and has to keep taking this abuse is disgusting. It’s disgusting that people in this country have let this go on any longer. I’m not going to let it continue to go on. I’ve put together Reclaim The Republic which has the only clear action plan. We simply can’t leave it to the President to do everything himself. He’s been telling people both privately and through hints that he can do a lot and he knows what he wants to do. But to do the big steps like arrests it matters that We The People must now act like We The People. We have to be grown-ups, not cowards and stand for what that stands for and we have to tell the President that’s what we stand for. We must demand that these bad people get rounded up and put away, and that we’ll help any way we can right now. I have created a huge repository of crimes of these bad actors that has them plenty worried. Talk is cheap and it’s time to take action now. So our group, Reclaim The Republic wants everybody to get in now. Go to sign up and follow the instructions that are there. Here is the first Mandate we issued for the President Work together under one banner. We’re behind the President. The President wants everyone to be safe, wants his family to be safe. He can’t feel safe when there's chronic attacks on him and he’s basically a one man show. Everyone else is getting paid off. I’m asking you to join me in this mission to connect, mobilize and amplify the voice of the people. Please contact me right away to spread this message and mobilize support for President Trump. Or let me know when I can follow up directly with you to network and I'll share with you some additional insights to expand our rapid rollout for the President. 
 Warm Regards,?Greg Halpern – Founder