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Senator John S. McCain, USNA '58, (R-AZ), Capt USN (Ret)

  • Senator John S. McCain, USNA '58, (R-AZ), Capt USN (Ret)

By Capt Joseph R. John, August 27, 2018: Op Ed # 400

In 2010, Senator John McCain endorsed the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC.  Following Senator McCain’s endorsement, the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC endorsed Senator McCain, as a Combat Veterans For Congress.  In July 2011, Senator John McCain wrote and distributed a fundraising letter, to his supporters nationally, in order to solicit donations for the election of endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress.  Over the previous 8 years, Senator McCain had always been supportive of the other two endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress elected to the US Senate, and to the 29 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress elected to the US House of Representatives.

Over those 8 years, on a monthly basis, without fail, we have been repeatedly criticized, vilified, and threatened for maintaining our endorsement of Senator John McCain as a Combat Veteran For Congress.  We always explained to those never ending E-mail complainants, who harassed and criticized the PAC, that we didn’t always agree with Senator McCain’s stances on various issues, such as some issues on Illegal Immigration, some Middle East issues, and a few others.  However, we don’t always agree with all the stands of the other 31 endorsed and elected Combat Veterans For Congress on certain issues.  

In some cases, endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress have been impulsive with their comments, not necessarily on firm footing on certain issues, been at fault because of some improprieties, and have been imperfect in handling some sensitive issues.  Which of us has not been imperfect on how we handled sensitive issues?  We have gone to extraordinary lengths to investigate, then dispel many of the stories vilifying Senator McCain on the Internet, and have been able to disprove nearly all of them to our satisfaction.  


We are sharing some of Senator McCain’s positions on issues over the last 8 years, we have agreed with his stand to:


   (1)  Protect and defend of the US Constitution.


             (2)  Support the independence and freedom of the individual as outlined in the Bill of Rights.   


             (3)  Unfailingly support a strong and robust military budget.


             (4)  Support tax decreases and oppose tax increases.


             (5)  Cut fraud, waste, and abuse in government.


             (6)  Support the Free Enterprise System.


             (7)  Oppose the development of nuclear weapons in Iran.


             (8)  Oppose Putin’s invasion of Crimea and Ukraine.


             (9)  Oppose the out of control spending of an irresponsible Congress.


             (10) Support teaching the accurate record of US History to Grammar, Middle, and High School students.


             (11) Support teaching the core values the Founding Father’s established for the Republic.


             (12) Support a strong National Defense.


             (13) Oppose Obama’s sequestration, which hollowed out the US Armed Forces and reduced the number of ships in the US Fleet.


            (14) Oppose the bloated government bureaucracy and support limited government.


             (15) Support the Congressional Select Investigative Committees on The Battle of Benghazi, with subpoena powers.


             (16) Oppose the IRS suppression of the establishment of conservative 501c organizations.


             (17) Oppose spying by NSA on all Americans during the Obama administration. 


             (18) Call for an investigation of the Fast & Furious scandal which resulted in the murders of a US Border Patrol Agent Bryan Terry.


            (19) Oppose forcing “Political Correctness” on members of the US Armed Forces and students. 


             (20) Oppose Obama’s new and dangerous Rules Of Engagement for Combat Forces fighting in Afghanistan. 


             (21) Oppose private and government efforts that support voter fraud.


             (22) Support a law that requires all Americans to show a valid ID card in order to vote.


             (23) Oppose the failed Obamacare Health Law with penalties for not enrolling in Obamacare. 


             (24) Support opening  federal land for oil exploration and drilling.


             (25) Support completion of the Keystone Pipeline.


             (26) Oppose Hugo Chavez Marxist regime in Venezuela.


             (27) Support the military surges in Iraq & Afghanistan.


             (28) and so much more that can’t possibly be listed here. 


For over 50 years, because of injuries sustained in combat and captivity in North Vietnam, Senator John McCain was unable to raise his arms above his shoulders, nor could he comb his hair.  Regardless of what was stated by those who did not support him, he did serve in the US Navy and the Republic in Congress for over 60 years.  We express our sincere appreciation and respect for Senator McCain’s support for the 120 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress over the last 8 year, for his unfailing support for the US Navy & the US Armed Forces, his steadfast efforts to protect and defend the US Constitution, and for supporting measures in Congress to support the Republic. 

The Board of Directors, the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress that Senator McCain supported over the last 8 year, and many of my fellow Combat Veterans throughout the nation send our heartfelt, our most sincere sympathy, to Senator John S. McCain’s wife Cindy, his mother Roberta, his children, his extended family members, his US Naval Academy classmates, his fellow Vietnam POWs, and Senator McCain’s Congressional colleagues.  May the Good Lord bless John S. McCain, rest his noble soul, and give him eternal peace and rest.