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Spring 2023

  • Spring 2023

My Fellow Americans,

Only once a year, do we seek financial support to help us to recruit, endorse, campaign for, and elect endorsed Combat Veterans.  We have no paid employees and appreciate the voluntary support we’ve received for the last 13 years.  With that support and employment of our website, the most effective election tool to helped us recruit and campaign for endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress, we have been able to elect 42 Combat Veterans to Congress.  The list of the 20 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress in 13 states elected in November 2021 is listed on the Endorsements page of the Website.

For the first time in 13 years, agents of Marxists, Social Democrats, and the Biden administration hacked our website, and took it down by injecting malware into it to try to “cancel our voice” and abridge our ”Freedom of Speech”.  They will continue to try to prevent the Combat Veterans For Congress from electing a new slate of Combat Veterans, and to re-elect incumbent Combat Veterans For Congress in 2024.    

For 13 years, the website was well protected from hackers by a Drupal Security System, Site Lock, and SSL Certification, even though, in some months, up to 300 hacks were attempted on the website, without the hackers being able to take the Website down.  Previously, in 2010, the approval of our 501(c)(3) was delayed for 2 years by Lois Lerner, an Obama Administration appointee at the IRS.  She tried to cancel us and prevent us from affecting the 2012 Obama Presidential campaign.  The Combat Veterans For Congress joined in a class action lawsuit against the IRS for delaying our 501(c)(3)’s approval for 2 years.  The IRS ended up paying our 501(c)(3) a settlement check of $14,332.18 for delaying its approval, and the IRS also paid hundreds of Tea Party Groups, settlement checks for delaying their approval prior to the 2012 election.  The same Obama staff members who opposed us in 2010, are now in control of the Oval Office, and are still trying to prevent the Combat Veterans For Congress from exercising its “Freedom of Speech”.

In the last 29 months, the Biden/Obama administration has been undermining the financial stability of the nation, and eliminated America’s energy independence, by instituting regulations that closed the Keystone Pipeline from Canada, re-entered the Paris Climate Accord, and canceled oil and natural gas recovery on federal land, by canceled drilling and fracking operations.  Those Biden/Obama administration imposed restrictive oil and gas regulations, amounted to a reduction in 25% of US oil production.  

Those actions resulted in the highest gas prices at the pump in US history, increasing the price of regular gas from $1.84/gal during the Trump administration to a current high of $7.59/gal at a Chevron station in Big Sur, CA.  The Biden/Obama administration has been selling oil from The Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Communist China and others, dangerously depleting US Oil reserves every month, severely endangering US National Security in the event of a military attack on the homeland. 

The rapidly increasing diesel gas prices have increased vehicle delivery cost for all food sold in the nation, rapidly increasing inflation; food prices have increased by 11.3%.  Rampant inflation has also been fueled by the out-of-control spending of $3 trillion on Socialist and Climate Change Programs by the Biden/Obama administration and the Socialist Democrat Congress, while printing millions of new American dollars, without matching the massive increase in currency, with an increase in the supply of consumer goods.  Furthering the reckless inflation policy, the Biden/Obama administration provided $12 billion to Iran in the Iran Nuclear Agreement, without Congressional approval.  When President Trump left office, the inflation rate was 1.5 %; today the inflation rate is 6.1 %, and the producer price index inflation rate is at 10.3.  Rampant and increasing inflation is costing an average American family over $5,600/year.

Over 5 million Illegal Aliens from 161 countries have been flooding across the northern and southern border into the US.  That includes human traffickers, drug dealers, convicted criminal Illegal Aliens, sex offenders, Radical Islamic Terrorists, and Illegal Alien Communist Chinese, that the US Border Patrol reported has increased by 900%.  It is estimated that these trained Chinese Communist Illegal Aliens include skilled workers to take control of the US infrastructure, spies to subvert government operations, enemy insurgents to disable first responder facilities, People's Liberation Army Agents whose assignments are to disable US defensive systems, and police-state functionaries.    

In violation of US Immigration Laws, the Biden/Obama administration has ceded control of the Mexican Border to Mexican Drug Cartels, enabling them to smuggle truckloads of fentanyl from Communist China into the US.  The Drug Smugglers are selling drugs spliced with fentanyl on social media, killing America’s youth, who are dying at the rate of 300/day or over 100,000/year.  America’s youth are not overdosing, they have no idea that they are ingesting lethal doses of fentanyl, stealthily added to drugs they purchase on the black market.   

As early as 1928, the Communist Party determined that racial differences among Americans constituted the weakest and most vulnerable point in America’s fabric.  The Marxists have been creating racial conflict in the US to divide civilian and military personnel by race.  The civilian and military leaders in the Pentagon have indoctrinated the US Armed Forces in Critical Race Theory and Diversity Equity Inclusion, while discharging conservative highly qualified white senior military personnel, falsely accusing them of White Supremacy.  Those Woke policies have degraded “Combat Effectiveness” and “Unit Cohesion” and resulted in a severe recruiting struggle plaguing the US Armed Forces; the Navy even raised its maximum enlistment age to 41, to try to increase recruitment.   

The Combat Veterans For Congress works to protect and defend the Republic from Domestic Enemies, Progressives, Socialists Democrats, Marxists, and Communist Chinese Agents who are trying to turn the US Free Enterprise System, which built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind, into a Socialist State.  Socialism has never worked in the 70 nations where it has been tried over the last 100 years.  The above listed leftist policies put in place by the Biden/Obama administration are in support of Saul Alinsky’s Eight Rules For Radicals; they are tearing the fabric of America’s way of life apart and are working to destroy the rule of law under the US Constitution.  

Kindly help us oppose the Marxists attempting to eliminate our “Freedom of Speech.”  We would appreciate your support in helping us cover the cost of enhancing the security of the Combat Veterans For Congress Website, so we can continue recruiting, campaigning for, and electing endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress in 2024 who will protect the US Constitution.  To help us protect and defend the US Constitution from Socialist and Marxist Enemies, please make a donation in “any” amount, on the Donation page of this Website.  


Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt      USN (Ret)/Former FBI

Co-Founder and Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

Reagan Administration Alumnus/Designated Reagan Associate by The Reagan Presidential Library

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108