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Summer 2022

  • Summer 2022

My Fellow Americans,

Only once a year, we seek financial support to help us donate to the campaigns of the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress.  We have no paid employees and are appreciative of the voluntary help supporters have provided over the last 13 years whom have helped us elect 40 endorsed Combat Veterans to Congress.  This year we have endorsed 26 Combat Veterans For Congress from 19 states running for Governor of Florida, Governor of New York, the US Senate, and the US House of Representatives; they are listed on the attachment.  All donations made will be used to help take back the Congress from Pelosi’s Marxist Caucus.


This election will determine if the US Constitutional Republic will survive, or if US Domestic Enemies, Progressives, Socialists, and Marxists will succeed in turning our free and independent nation into a Socialist State.  Domestic Enemies supported by Communist China are working to replace the US Free Enterprise System, which built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind, with a Socialist State.  Socialism has never worked in the 70 nations where it was tried over the last 100 years.  The below listed leftist policies put into place by the Biden/Obama administration are in agreement with Saul Alinsky’s Eight Rules For Radicals; they are tearing at the fabric of America’s way of life, and destroying the US Constitutional Republic.  


In the last 21 months, the Biden/Obama administration has been undermining the financial stability of the nation and eliminated America’s energy independence, by instituting regulations that closed the Keystone Pipeline from Canada, halting all oil and natural gas recovery, canceled drilling and fracking on federal land, and re-entered the Paris Climate Accords.  The Biden/Obama administration imposed restrictive oil and gas regulations which amounted to a reduction in 25% of US oil production.  Those actions resulted in the highest gas prices at the pump in US History, increasing from $1.84/gal to as high as $9.60/gal (Chevron station Mendocino, CA).  The Biden/Obama administration has been selling oil from The Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Communist China and others, dangerously depleting US Oil reserves every month, severely endangering US National Security.  Biden then traveled to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil.


The rapidly increasing diesel prices have increased vehicle delivery cost for every product and all food items, rapidly increasing inflation; food prices have increased by 10%.  Rampant inflation was also fueled with the out-of-control spending of trillions of dollars by the Biden/Obama administration and the Democrat Congress on Socialist Programs, while printing millions of new American dollars, without matching the massive increase in currency, with a supply of consumer goods.  Furthering inflation in the Iran nuclear deal, Biden/Obama is providing $12 billion to Iran without Congressional approval.  When President Trump left office, the inflation rate was 1.5 %; today the inflation rate is 9.1%, and the producer price index inflation rate is 11.3%.  Rampant inflation will cost an American family $5,600/year.


In violation of US Immigration Laws, the Biden/Obama administration has ceded control of the Mexican Border to Mexican Drug Cartels, enabling them to smuggle truckloads of fentanyl from Communist China into the US.  The Drug Smugglers are selling drugs spliced with fentanyl on social media, killing America’s youth, who are dying at a rate of 300/day.  America’s youth are not overdosing; they have no idea that they are ingesting lethal doses of fentanyl stealthily added to drugs they purchase on the black market.   


Over 3 million Illegal Aliens from 161 countries have flooded across the southern border into the US, which includes human traffickers, drug dealers, convicted criminal Illegal Aliens, sex offenders, Radical Islamic Terrorists, and Agents from Communist Chinese, Communist Cuba, and Iran.  While the Biden/Obama administration is enabling dangerous terrorists and convicted criminals to enter the US, it is decrying and condemning a high school football coach for praying to God at the end of a game.   


As early as 1928, the Communist Party determined that racial differences among Americans constituted the weakest and most vulnerable point in America’s fabric.  The Marxists have been creating racial conflict in the US to divide civilian and military personnel.  The civilian and military leaders in the Pentagon are indoctrinating the US Armed Forces in Critical Race Theory, while discharging conservative highly qualified senior military personnel, falsely accusing them of being White Supremacists.  These leaders in the Pentagon have been destroying “The Combat Effectiveness” and “Unit Cohesion” in the US Armed Forces.


Throughout the Republic’s history, American’s K-12 students studied US History based on the foundation of God’s will and with revered principles outlined in the US Constitution.  Socialists, Progressives, and Marxists Domestic Enemies hijacked US History courses, corrupted them, and taught an untrue version of US History, creating conflict and hatred among the races, while indoctrinating the nation’s youth in a Hate America curriculum, with lies about White Privilege, Critical Race Theory, and Socialism; parents are opposing the indoctrination.  The Biden/Obama administration has been attacking American parents attending School Board meetings to oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory, the Hate America curriculum, and Socialism.  The indoctrination of far-left Marxist ideology continues at most college campuses, where Freedom of Speech and Religion are being eliminated.


The Progressives, Socialists, and Marxists are now refusing to define women, while supporting transgender males to compete with them in sports, while allowing transgender males to cohabitate with women in bathrooms and locker rooms.  Bette Midler stated, “Women are being stripped of their rights over their bodies, their lives, and even of their name!  They do not call them 'women' anymore; they call them 'birthing people' or 'menstruators,' and even 'people with vaginas'!  Do not let them erase women!  Every human on earth owes women!"  Women’s rights are being systematically undermined by the Biden/Obama administration.


The mayors in many of the 450+ sanctuary cities in Blue States have been defunding police budgets, eliminated large numbers of police officers, resulting in a spike in crime, and a difficulty in recruiting police recruits.  Many sanctuary cities have eliminated or minimized bail policies, resulting in the release of habitual convicted criminals back into those cities, the day after their arrests, causing more violence, rioting, mass theft from retail businesses, shootings of innocent victims, and general lawlessness in the streets.   


You can help protect the Republic from Socialism by going to the Donation page on our website through making a donation to the campaigns of 26 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress from 19 states listed on the Endorsements page of Our Web site.  At one time in their lives, each endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount “up to including their lives.”  You can thank them for their service by helping elect them to Congress with a donation in any amount. With kindest regards, and best wishes, I remain:




Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt      USN (Ret)/Former FBI

Co-Founder and Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

Reagan Administration Alumnus/Designated Reagan Associate by The Reagan Presidential Library