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Term Limits!

  • Term Limits!

By Capt Joseph R. John, February 2, 2021, Op Ed #539

Both President Trump and President Obama advocated for Congressional Term Limits; 83% of Independents, 87% of Republicans, and 76% of Democrats have been advocating for Congressional Term Limits for many years.  Some career members of Congress have remained in office in excess of 45 years because of the power of incumbency, and because of special interest money that they receive to promote certain issues, which helps them receive donations for their re-election campaigns. Congress has a 14% favorability rating from the American people because of the conflict of interest, arrogance, corrupt practices, and injustice the American people have been witnessing members of Congress perpetrate as reported in the daily media releases.   


In general, the vast majority of the members of Congress have not been doing what is in the best interest of the American people with regard to tax policy, on being fiscally conservative in order to rein in the out of control spending, in their support of a strong National Defense to protect the Republic from the Communist Chinese weapons modernization, on protecting the borders of the United States from drug smugglers and terrorists, in protecting and defending the US Constitution, in support for Law Enforcement, in advocating for the independence and freedom of the individual as outlined in The Bill of Rights, in especially refusing to support FREEDOM OF SPEECH of the individual that Big Tech and the Maine Stream Media continue to violate, in support of the Free Enterprise System which built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind, in opposing Socialism and Communism that over 50 elected Democrat members of Congress openly support, in reining in billions of dollars of foreign aid sent to corrupt foreign governments while Americans who desperately need those taxpayer dollars languish in poverty, and for not supporting the teaching of accurate US History of the Republic to the nation’s youth, but are allowing them to be indoctrinated in Socialism and Marxism through the Common Core Curriculum being taught in public school education.  


Over the last 12 years, the Combat Veterans For Congress have contributed towards stemming the fraud, waste, and abuse in Congress by recruiting, campaigning for, and electing the 39 Combat Veterans For Congress who oppose the above listed Congressional abuses and failures.  We encourage American voters to support Congressional candidates seeking office who support and would standby the need for Congress to enact a provision for Term Limits, similar to what their state legislators have enacted.


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