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The Unjust Custody Death of George Floyd And Domestic Terrorism

  • The Unjust Custody Death of George Floyd And Domestic Terrorism

By Capt Joseph R. John, May 30, 2020: Op Ed #490

“Every four years the black community takes the media bait.  They find one tragedy and are able to get enough athletes and rappers to hype it so black youth believe that that they have no choice but to riot and destroy themselves because the world is against them.” - Candace Owen    

The lawless riots and arson in the streets of America, day after day, led by well-organized members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists, will not attain justice for the tragic and unjust custody death of George Floyd, because of the actions of rogue police officers who failed to follow standard restraint procedures.  

The mayor of Minneapolis abdicated his authority, ordered his police force to pull back, and not confront the demonstrators while they were looting businesses.  It emboldened demonstrators and resulted in anarchy, small businesses being burned out, a police precinct being burned, the US Post Office to be burned, the looting of liquor stores, a Wells Fargo Bank to be broken into, police cars to be set on fire, and the massive looting of businesses like Target, Office Max, Dollar Store, etc.  

The Minneapolis mayor and the Governor of Minnesota have been in consultation with, and sought the advice of, Marxist Attorney General, Keith Ellison.  For four days in a failure of leadership, they did very little, were negligent, and lacked the will to oppose the lawlessness, looting, and arson.  They assumed they could permit the rioters let off steam, and then the violence would be over; history has proven that is a failed and weak tactic.  Ellison told the local media that calling out the National Guard during a riot might make things worse because they “look scary.”  


Ellison, who openly supports the violent Domestic Terrorist Group “Antifa” posted his photo on Twitter on May 27th, posing with the book “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” (The book calls for violence and domestic terrorist activities).  His son, Jeremiah, is a Minneapolis Councilman running for re-election. His platform - “A future without police.”

As a Muslim, Ellison worked very closely for many years with the rabid anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan, and is a strong supporter of the Nation of Islam.  For over 12 years. Ellison has been closely associated with CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorist Organization.  Ellison supports Shariah Law and stated that he does not respect or believe in the US Constitution because “its wording were inspired by the Bible”.  The Muslim Brotherhood paid for Ellison’s pilgrimage to Mecca in 2008.  

Ellison declared himself a supporter, ally, and defender of Communist Terrorists.  He organized a fundraising event for Communist Terrorist, Sara Jane Olson, a member of the Communist Movement, Symbionese Liberation Army.  Ellison defended Joanne Chesimard also known as, “Assata Shakur”, who is wanted by the FBI for murdering a police officer; Chesimard is currently opposing extradition from her safe haven in Communist Cuba.  Ellison has been close to The Communist Party USA for many years.  He even held a fundraising event for his election campaign for Congress in the home of Minnesota Communist Party Chairman, Erwin Marquit.

The lawlessness riots in Minneapolis galvanized radicals Domestic Terrorists from across the nation, and members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists to take advantage of and dishonor the memory of George Floyd’s loss of life.  They organized and mobilized violent demonstrations in the streets of over 40 cities, including in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Bakersfield, Houston, Portland, New York City, San Jose, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Louisville, Oakland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Columbus, Washington, DC, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, etc. with the goal of  destroying businesses, prevent the national economic recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown, and to destabilize law and order and domestic tranquility.  

The unlawful rioting, led by Antifa and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists, is being enflamed by the left of center liberal media establishment spinning and characterizing the violent criminal rioting as “not generally speaking unruly”, as being demonstrations for liberty, and as being in support of George Floyd’s passing, while trying to cover up the true criminal nature of the lawlessness rioting, terrorism, looting, and arson.  The violent demonstrations across the nation are being organized and funded by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Leftists, Marxists, Progressives, Socialists, and The Communists Party USA, who in turn, are all being funded by George Soros.  They are using the unjust custody death of George Floyd as an excuse for anarchy, arson, looting, terrorism, and destabilizing the economy.

It’s now about Law and Order—Domestic Terrorists who crossed states in violation of federal law should be arrested and held accountable.

During the continuing violence and rioting day after day, we will once again, try to lighten up the negative messaging being transmitted, by the left of center liberal media establishment, by providing the below listed link to click on.  Watch a video with a series of comments made by the President Ronald Reagan over 25 years ago, when he used his bully pulpit to defuse the unending negative messaging and attacks by the left of center press, in order to always try to lighten things up. 

Is there any doubt in your mind about who really was the Greatest Communicator?

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