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Urgent Legislative Action Alert to Oppose Voter Fraud!

  • Urgent Legislative Action Alert to Oppose Voter Fraud!

We encourage the recipients of this message to consider participating in the June 2nd hearing, outlined in the below listed E-mail.  The hearing is being called to discuss opposition to Gov Newsom plan to send absentee ballots to 4.5 million to inactive registered voters, many of whom qualified for permanent removal from the voter rolls many years ago.  If those 4.5 million absentee ballots are mailed out by Gov Newsom, free and fair elections in California will be a thing of the past. 

If those 4.5 million absentee ballots are mailed out, the Voter Fraud that will result because of the Ballot Harvesting that will take place, will result in fraudulent results in the November 2020 election.  A massive Ballot Harvesting effort will be executed by the Democrat Party, as they did in 2018, to take position of as many of the 4.5 million absentee ballots that will not be received by the intended addresses who will no longer be at those addresses, but instead those absentee ballot will be harvested, filled out by an unauthorized individual, and will be submitted to the Registry of Voters on election as a valid vote. 


If you cannot participate, or prefer not to participate in the hearing on June 2nd, please consider passing this message on to the Californian voters in your address book, who you believe want to have an honest and fair election conducted in California on election day in November 2020.
AB 860, the Governor's plan to flood the State with Mail-In Ballots, is up for a hearing on June 2nd, 9:00 am. 


You have the opportunity to register your opinion and electronically attend the meeting.


We hope you will consider participating in this hearing and weighing in. The number will be posted at the day before the hearing, Monday, June 1. Most of us live too far from the capitol to attend hearings in person. This accommodation allows all of us to participate!!


AB 860 repeats the mandate of the governor's Executive Order to send vote by mail ballots (VBMs) to every registered voter in CA for the November elections. EIPCa is concerned about the number of likely deceased or relocated people still on the active voter list who should not be mailed a ballot. More importantly, the governor's order and AB 860 mandate also sending ballots to over 4.5 million inactive registrants, many of whom qualified for permanent removal ages ago.  


Forward to everyone you know, this is a golden opportunity to change the disastrous course of our State.


Consider a donation to the EIPCa (Election Integrity Project California), an all volunteer organization that has had notable successes reforming our corrupt Elections system since 2010.