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U.S. Naval Institute: "Has the Naval Academy Gotten Soft?"

  • U.S. Naval Institute: "Has the Naval Academy Gotten Soft?"

By Capt Joseph R. John, August 29, 2019: Op Ed #447

This is a critique of an article published by the US Naval Institute  The author is suggesting the US Naval Academy (USNA) should have a more relaxed teaching environment, similar to the environment at Liberal Arts Colleges.  Some of the screened USNA applicants, illegally admitted as a specific percentages by sex and race of the Plebe class, in violation of a Supreme Court ruling, make up a percentage of Midshipmen matriculating at the US Naval Academy who, together with the USNA Female Mafia are continuing in their efforts to degrade the military character and training at the USNA.  


The Midshipman who wrote the article was lobbying to eliminate military drills/parades, and relax discipline at USNA; the article would never have been approved to be published by any of the former Superintendents.  The author and other Midshipmen ignore the fact that the US Naval Academy was established in 1845 for one purpose, and one purpose only, to commission US Navy & US Marine Corps Officers to lead the Navy & Marine Corps in combat operations against enemies who threaten the Republic.   


Unfortunately, the environment created over the 5 year term by the "Politically Correct" Superintendent, selected by the Obama administration, gave birth to many of the policies now instituted in the Naval Academy curriculum (believe it or not, with the safe spaces outside of classrooms for Midshipmen to cower in, when they are feeling too much pressure).  The military philosophy of a percentage of female and male Midshipmen has been intentionally and dramatically altered.  After the prescreened Superintendent was carefully selected, the destructive Social Experiment on Diversity was driven into every aspect of the life of Midshipmen and the curriculum at USNA.  


The military discipline and character of the Brigade of Midshipmen was dramatically changed over those 5 years, and the Female Mafia at USNA was permitted to have undue influence over policies, such as the selection of Distinguished Naval Academy graduates.  Those changes resulted in inappropriate changes in the tried and true military bearing, discipline, spit & polish, and training that produced outstanding Navy and Marine Corps combat leaders for over 160 years.  


The initial goal of the education, discipline, and training of the newly established USNA in 1845, was to train and develop courageous Navy and Marine Corps officers in the image and character of leaders like Porter, Sampson, Dewey, Lejeune, Leahy, Nimitz, Halsey, Spruance, King, Fletcher, Ramage, Radford, Burke, Krulak, Bringle, Shepard, Stockdale, Moorer, Pace, Ripley, Webb, etc. with the ability to lead the Navy and the Marine Corps, while protecting the sea lanes of communications and defending US military facilities worldwide.  


"Soft" is an understatement for what was being turned out in the altered educational program at USNA over that 5 year period---"clueless" of what the Naval Academy goals have been since 1845 would also be an appropriate way to identify some of the Midshipmen who trained during those 5 years.  After 8 years of the Obama administration degrading of the military character, discipline, and training of the US Armed Forces, USNA was caught up in the degradation.  


The Honor Code had been repeatedly compromised; females and football players who violated the Honor Code were retrained as many as 3 times for repeated violations, so that no female or football player would be discharged for an Honor Code.    


Unfortunately, it may be too difficult to re-establish the military discipline, character, spit & polish, training, and Honor Code that once existed at USNA.  It will be just as difficult to eliminate the “Politically Correct” form of instruction and training driven into the USNA curriculum by the Social Experiment on Diversity, monitored by the Female Mafia.  


Winston Churchill once famously stated that shinning shoes is the beginning of instilling military discipline—Midshipmen’s patent leather shoes are no longer shined, as they once were for over 150 years at USNA.


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