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Vote Democrat??

  • Vote Democrat??

By Capt Joseph R. John, October 12, 2020; Op Ed #515

SSgt Robert A. Hall, USMC, a Vietnam Combat Veteran, college graduate, prolific author, and a dedicated American Patriot, summarized what he predicts will happen if Americans vote for the radical Socialist Democrat candidates running for Congress and the presidency in November.  His predictions are listed below the listed signature block.  We Honor SSgt Robert A. Hall, USMC for his service in defense of the Republic and his continued Patriotic messaging to Americans!  


By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to understand what the Combat Veterans For Congress will be voting for in November.


We are encouraging Americans to vote to preserve the Republic’s traditional patriotic “Way of Life “ supported by President Donald J. Trump.  We reject the Marxist Revolutionary Movement that controls Joe Biden and their plan to create an oppressive controlling Socialist State that will result in the below listed predictions outlined by the prolific author and patriot, Robert A Hall.

Communist China and the Radical Islamic Terrorist State of Iran have been spreading disinformation about COVID-19 with the strong support of the left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment that Communist China has effective control of, in their aggressive drive to defeat the re-election of President Donald Trump.  


Communist China has been doing all it can to support and sustain the violent riots, looting, and attacks on Police Officers led by Antifa Domestic Terrorists and Black Lives Matter Marxists that they help fund and control, who have been creating anarchy in 300+ the Socialist Democrat controlled Sanctuary Cities that has resulted in $2 billion in destruction and 700 deaths. 


US Customs and Border Protection Inspectors intercepted Communist Chinese shipments of 10,800 weapons parts to Louisville (no doubt many other weapons shipments did get through undetected to arm Communists leading riots).  


Hundreds of thousands of counterfeit blank drivers licenses, and counterfeit blank ID cards have been intercepted by US Customs and Border Protection Inspectors, arriving from Communist China into the Dallas Fort Worth, New York, Louisville, Memphis, and other ports of entry in order to be distributed to Illegal Aliens, so they can illegally register to vote (no doubt thousands of counterfeit blank drivers licenses and blank IDs did get through undetected).  


Possibly millions of counterfeit mail in ballots were printed by the agents of Communist China residing in the United States that have been distributed to 80+ million “RESIDENTS”, not registered voters, by Blue States Governors.  Many of those mail in ballots will eventually be distributed to millions of Illegal Aliens so they can illegally vote.  The action by Socialists Democrats and Blue State Governors to flood millions of mail in ballots (mail in ballots are not Absentee Ballots), is right out of the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  


The purpose of employing the Cloward-Piven Strategy in the election is to overwhelm and try to collapse American institutions while clouding the results of the election.  It is to overwhelm the US Postal Service, and hundreds of thousands of Registrars of Voters trying to tabulate election results, clouding US Federal Court calendars trying to litigate election disputes, bring government to a standstill, and create civil disputes throughout the US, initiating violent conflicts. 


Communist China and the Radical Islamic Terrorist State of Iran are desperate to elect Joe Biden, who is controlled by a radical Marxist Revolutionary Movement.  They want to manipulate Biden like they manipulated Obama for 8 years, which resulted in $50 to $150 billion being transferred to Iran by Obama, $1.7 billion of it in non-tracible cash.  Obama did nothing and ignored desperate requests for help while Putin invaded Crimea and Ukraine, and Obama refused to provide them with defensive weapons, but offered blankets and food.  


During the 8 years of the Obama administration, Communist China created 65 Communist Confucius Institutes on American University campuses, which are Communist Missions staffed by Chinese Communist Party operatives for the purpose of indoctrinating American students and leftist radical Professors in the Communist manifesto, while those Communist Party operatives degrade the US Constitutional Republic.  Those anti-American subversive Communist Chinese Missions must be removed from the leftist anti-American campuses they have had success in creating. 


A frail and weakened Joe Biden, if elected, would have to be ultimately replaced.  He doesn’t have the physical strength, vitality, nor the will to battle daily in the international arena against the persistent and aggressive attacks against the United States by Marxist Russia, Communist China, Communist Korea, Communist Cuba, Communist Venezuela, the Radical Islamic Terrorist State of Iran, and the Radical Islamic Terrorist organizations of Al Q’ieda, ISIS, the Taliban, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists Organization, and many others.  


If Biden is elected, the Socialist Democrats and Soros will rapidly move to replace Biden with their radical leftist, incompetent vice presidential candidate on the ticket.  They will do so by executing provisions of the 25th Amendment employing the specific measures Pelosi and her Radical Marxist Caucus has been creating in the US House for the replacement of, as it now appears, for Biden.  The most radical leftist member of the US Senate, Kamala Harris, who was championed to run for President by Obama and is under the control of Obama, did not get one vote during the primary process and had to drop out of the race with over $1 million in campaign debt, which she still has not paid.  


American citizens eligible to legally vote for president in November 2020, must be informed by all means possible that this election is the most important election in the 244 year history of the Republic.  This election more than any other in US History, and is about protecting and defending the National Security of the United States from being subverted by Communist China, as Communist China subverted the United States and established 65 subversive Communist Missions designed to destroy the Republic during the 8 years of the Obama administration.  


Only registered American citizens should vote “ONCE” in November, violators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.


Vote Democrat—by SSgt Robert A Hall, USMC

Vote Democrat if you think an unborn baby isn’t a really a person and can be aborted up to the minute of birth, and killed afterwards if it survives. You’ll be in good company. The Nazi thought the Jews weren’t really persons, the plantation owners thought the slaves weren’t really persons.

Vote Democrat if you support Planned Parenthood’s successful efforts to keep the black population at 13% by making blacks 40% of their abortions. White supremacists will love it.

Vote Democrat if you think our borders should be abolished so anyone can come here, vote, and (they will) get welfare at your expenses.

Vote Democrat if you think the Supreme Court, which had had nine supreme court justices since the Constitution was adopted in 1788, should be packed with several additional judges who will shred the Constitution and your rights at the whim of a president.

Vote Democrat if you think race and identity group membership are all that matter, and that’s how people should be judged, not as individuals.

Vote Democrat if you think China should not be punished for competing with American workers with slave labor and our stolen intellectual property.

Vote Democrat if you are willing to give up your health insurance for “Medicare for all.” And pay higher taxes to do so.

Vote Democrat if you want to see the American military eviscerated to provide money to pay off identity groups.

Vote Democrat if you want to see Socialism, which has produced oppression, privation and coercion everywhere it has been tried, given the chance to fail here too.

Vote Democrat if you think you don’t have a right to defend your family.

Vote Democrat if you want to defund the police.

Vote Democrat if you think riots, destruction, looting and violence are legitimate social protests.

Vote Democrat if you think black parents shouldn’t have the same right as the liberal elites to put their kids in successful Charter schools.

Vote Democrat if you are willing to pay much higher taxes to support the “Green New Deal.”

Vote Democrat if you want to eliminate free markets, the only system in history that has raised masses of people from poverty.

Vote Democrat if you want to be ruled by “Do as I say, not as I do” liberal elites.

Vote Democrat if you want California to be a model for the nation, with rolling blackouts, us-sustainable deficits and mismanaged forests.

Vote Democrat because you want to vote your feelings and not your head.


I post much more on my Facebook Page (Tartanmarine or Robert A. Hall) and on my blog ( than I am able to send out. Feel free to follow them. 


Semper Fidelis

Robert A. Hall

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