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What Else the Stimulus Bill Funded

  • What Else the Stimulus Bill Funded

By Capt Joseph R. John, April 14, 2020, Op Ed #467

The below listed expenditures, reveals how Pelosi, and her Radical Progressives House Caucus highjacked the Stimulus Bill, and obtained billions of dollars in pork for the Socialist Democrat Party, as a condition of passing the Stimulus Bill in the House.  The Socialist Democrats demanded the funding of line items that had nothing to do with protecting Americans lives or protecting the US economy from the effects of Corona Virus.

American Taxpayers are unaware of the travesty that occurred in the House, because the left of center liberal media establishment, which has become an arm of the Socialist Democrat Party, continues to coverup the below listed funding of unrelated items.  Instead of doing what investigative journalists were given a special status by the Founding Fathers to do, and that responsible news organizations once did to protect Americans taxpayers, the failed leftist press, once again refused to honestly report how the American taxpayers were taken advantage of.

The Congress should have entitled The Stimulus Bill, “The Pelosi Unrelated Priority Bill”.  Pelosi’s Radical Progressive House Caucus could not get many of the below listed line item pet projects funding over the last 3 years, in any other way, but by Pelosi holding a gun to the head of the Republican led Senate, threatening not to pass the Stimulus Bill unless her non-essential projects, that were unrelated to the Corona Virus, were funded.

Now Pelosi and her Radical Progressive House Caucus continue to hold a gun to the head of the Republican led Senate, with the strong support of Senator Schumer.  They are refusing to provide additional funding for small business, that is needed to protect the viability of millions of small businesses throughout the nation, so they can retain millions of their employees by paying their salaries, and to protect the Free Enterprise System, unless Pelosi’s non-essential priority pork barrel projects, unrelated to the Corona Virus, are funded.

In 2020, Americans must elect members of Congress, who will support a vote for Congressional term limits, in order to put a stop to Pelosi’s pork barrel politics, and force members of Pelosi’s Radical Progressive House Caucus to seek employment in the private sector.  Members of the Democrat and Republican Parties approved the below listed expenditures; many of those items shouldn’t have been funded as part of the Stimulus Bill.

The below list of funded items within the Stimulus Bill was forwarded to us by Dick Anderson of  We were able to confirm 80% of the items listed in government reports.  With a population of 330,483,530 Americans, and an expenditure of $2,000,000,000,0000 to fund the Stimulus Bill, the cost for every American, regardless of age, to fund the Stimulus Bill was $6,051.74.

Where some of your tax dollars went, that the left of center liberal media establishment refused to report:


$350,000,000 for Migrant and Refugee Assistance pg 147

$43,700,000 per person for student loan bailout

$11,000,000 Drug Access.

$5,000,000,000 Community Development Programs Block Grants

$75,000,000 to the Endowment for the Arts / because Pelosi demanded it

$300,000,000 for the Endowment for the Humanities

$400,000,000 for Election Assistance, including expanding voting by mail

$25,700,000,000 for the Department of Education stabilization fund/ for Teachers Union

$5,300,000,000 Child Care Centers 

$100,000,000 Legal Services Corporation

$300,000,000 to Public Broadcasting / NPR has nothing to do with the Corona Virus. 

$12,000,0000,000  Aid for Dependent Housing

$25,000,000,000 Food Stamps $8,800,000,000 Child Nutrition  $5,300,000,000 Family Programs

$25,000,000 for “Cleaning Supplies” for the Capitol Building on page 136

$35,000,000 to the JFK Center for performing Arts? Pelosi?? She will get millions of it somehow.

$25,000,000 for additional salaries for House of Representatives

$324,000,000 for State Department Diplomatic Programs-----what programs----how is this affecting the Corona Virus?

$95,000,000 for the Agency of International Development-----is this for the Corona Virus abatement in Foreign countries?

$258,000,000 for International Disaster Assistance

$88,000,000 for the Peace Corp pg 148---is this so they can deal with the Corona Virus in Foreign countries?

$13,000,000 to Howard University pg 121---this has nothing to do with the Corona Virus.

$25,000,000,000 Passenger Airlines

$5,000,000,000 Cargo Airlines

$32,000,000,000 Airline Wages 

$450,000,000 Emergency Food Assistance

$25,000,000 to the FAA for administrative costs pg 165

$492,000,000 to National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) pg 167

$25,000,000,000 for Transit Infrastructure pg 169

$3,000,000 Maritime Administration pg 172

$5,000,000 Salaries and Expenses for the Office of the Inspector General pg 172

$2,500,000 Public and Indian Housing pg 175

$100,000,000 Food Distribution to American Indians 

$200,000,000 Food Distribution to Puerto Rico

$5,000,000 Community Planning and Development pg 175  
The above listed expenditures should be shared with every American taxpayer, so they would be able to understand what items Pelosi required that the Senate fund, in order to pass the Stimulus Bill in the House.  Unfortunately, the left of center liberal media establishment will continue to coverup the above listed expenditures.


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