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By Capt Joseph R. John, April 5, 2023 

A new cold war has been underway since January 2022.  At its heart is the Chinese Communist Party (hereafter referred to as the CCP) 30-year plan to subjugate the citizens of the US Constitutional Republic, and a fundamental disagreement between the US and the CCP over the structure of Asian security considerations.  Among the strategic concerns of the US Government, Congressional leaders, US Department of Defense, US Energy Department, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, US Utility Companies, and domestic manufacturers, there is a growing awareness of the acute vulnerability of the US Electrical Grid (hereafter referred as the Grid).  The threat to the Grid is posed by the new “Axis of Evil” consisting of Communist China, Russia, and the Iranian State Sponsor of Terrorism; there is “no plan or action at all” by the Biden/Obama…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, May 3, 2023 

The below listed letter, signed by 87 Patriotic General and Flag Officers, requests the leaders of both political parties in the US House of Representatives to eliminate all funding for the indoctrination and brain washing of all members of the US Armed Forces, and for the Cadets and Midshipmen matriculating at the five US Service Academies, of the Marxist created philosophy of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), which includes the radical Marxist racist philosophy of Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Those Marxist philosophies are being brainwashed into every member of the US Armed Forces by the “Woke” and “Mentally Weak” Secretary of Defense and the compromised and “Woke” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; they have been taking their radical Marxist marching orders from the Communist Chinese corrupted and compromised Biden/Obama…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, April 21, 2023 

Downloading the TikTok App onto your phone, is like downloading a Communist Chinese Spy onto your phone.  Using Tik Tok allows Communist China to imbed Tik Tok inside your phone without you being aware of it.  We encourage you to read the below listed dangers that Tik Tok poses to the Security and Survival of the US Constitutional Republic, especially the dangers it poses to the 70 million US youth that are on Tik Tok for many hours every day.  We encourage you to forward the below listed article from the Washington Post to those you love and want to protect, especially to the youth in the nation Americans must protect.  

Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only be posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast,…

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My Fellow Americans,

Only once a year, do we seek financial support to help us to recruit, endorse, campaign for, and elect endorsed Combat Veterans.  We have no paid employees and appreciate the voluntary support we’ve received for the last 13 years.  With that support and employment of our website, the most effective election tool to helped us recruit and campaign for endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress, we have been able to elect 42 Combat Veterans to Congress.  The list of the 20 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress in 13 states elected in November 2021 is listed on the Endorsements page of the Website.

For the first time in 13 years, agents of Marxists, Social Democrats, and the Biden administration hacked our website, and took it down by injecting malware into it to try to “cancel our voice” and abridge our ”Freedom of Speech”.  They will continue to try to…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, April 12, 2023

By reviewing the below listed article, about Communist China now operating the largest navy in the world, it would be obvious to even a casual observer without military experience, that the Biden/Obama administration has not been taking the desperately needed long term defensive actions to protect and defend the homeland with a strong US Navy.  The Biden/Obama administration has also failed to protect the homeland from a devastating attack by Communist China on the US Electrical Grid with a high-altitude low yield nuclear weapon.  

The Biden/Obama administration has repeatedly told Americans the US is in friendly competition with Communist China, while Xi, the General Secretary of the atheist Chinese Communist Party (CCP), tells the population of China that they are at war with the United States, and Xi is mobilizing Communist…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, April 8, 2023

A new cold war has been underway since January 2022.  At its heart is the CCP’s 30 year plan to subjugate the citizens of the US Constitutional Republic, and a fundamental disagreement between the US and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the structure of Asian security considerations.  Among the strategic concerns of the US Government, Congressional leaders, US Department of Defense, US Energy Department, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, US Utility Companies, and domestic manufacturers, there is a growing awareness of the acute vulnerability of the US Electrical Grid (hereafter referred as the Grid).  The threat to the Grid is posed by the new “Axis of Evil” consisting of Communist China, Russia, and the Iranian State Sponsor of Terrorism; there is no plan or action by the Biden administration to protect the Grid’s …

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By Capt Joseph R. John, March 24, 2023

For 102 years, the Occupants of the Oval Office, members of the United States Congress, the leaders of the Department of Defense, and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff once fully understood and learned the lessons on strategy, geography, and history that Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan, USN presented in his article entitled “The United States Looking Outward.” Published in The Atlantic in 1890.  He argued that, with the closing of the frontier, the United…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, March 10, 2023

In 2005, THE EPOCH TIMES acquired a secret speech given by Communist Chinese Defense Minister General Chi Haotian to high-level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members sometime before his retirement in 2003.  Details given in General Haotian’s speech coincide with previously unpublished defector testimony on Sino-Russian military plans for the United States.  After you read General Haotian’s speech, you will fully understand that for the last 20 years, Communist China has been activating his plan to kill 200 million Americans in the future.

General Haotian comments in his “Secret Speech”, 20 years ago, placed the United States in Communist China’s gun sites, and CCP has been activating a plan to  “destroy the United States from within” and take control of it.  General Haotian proposed to repopulate the United States, and…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, March 3, 2023 

In a survey three months ago, within an ongoing project conducted annually for nine years by Chapman University, the top 95 fears of Americans adults were analyzed, two of the top 10 fears in the survey that 53.7 % of those surveyed, reported they were concerned that they would not have enough money for future expenses, and were concerned of the possibility of economic and financial collapse because of the highest inflation rate in 40 years. The massive $30 Trillion+ in US debt that various administrations have created over the last fourteen years, and the restriction in the development of oil by the current administration, discussed in more detail in this Op Ed, are what is fueling the steady increase in inflation? 

The entire US economy is based upon the delivery of construction material, food products, fuel, steel, lumber,…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, February 18, 2023

US intelligence sources have reported that Communist China has been conducting High-Altitude Balloon and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drone surveillance missions globally in many countries and areas of emerging strategic interest, including Japan, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Turkey, Brazil, Europe, Canada, the United States, and many other countries.  

When Communist China sent a High-Altitude Spy Balloon to spy on Turkey, the Communist Chinese Balloon was tracked on its way into Turkish airspace by the Turkish Air Force, and 18 seconds after it crossed the Turkish border, it was shot down.

In an unprecedented National Security Threat, and an “Act of War” Communist Chinese High-Altitude Balloons, considered Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Offensive Weapons Platforms, were launched out of Hainan Province…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, February 11, 2023

The Biden/Obama administration is violating the US Constitution by having Secretary of Defense Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Milley, systematically disarm the US Armed Forces by sending over $110 billion in munitions and equipment to Ukraine over the last two years.  Biden, Obama, Austin, and Milley fully understood that they have been depleting the United States’ critical warfighting capabilities for self-defense for the last two years, as explained in Table 1 listed below.  Table 1 was created by CISIS International Security Programs, which is a highly reliable source and current analysis of information, by providing international security and defense facts that were acquired from multiple reliable sources.

The current inept occupants of the Oval Office and the DOD have “not” taken required…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, February 3, 2023

Elected to his Fourth Term in Congress, Congressman Michael John Gallagher, Cpt-USMC (PhD) (R-WI-8), of Green Bay, was the 110th endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress.  He serves on the Armed Services Committee and the …

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By Capt Joseph R. John, January 29, 2023

This is the second time in the past year AT&T has violated the Second Amendment moved to “Censor Freedom of Speech” of a conservative News channel:  In April 2022, AT&T DirecTV deplatformed One American News (OAN) in the same way Communists censors “Freedom of Speech”.   Those are the same policies of Communist China, Marxist Antifa Domestic Terrorist, Social Democrats, Progressives, and the Biden/Obama administration has been using the Department of Homeland Security to prevent “Freedom of Speech” in the United States.

To protect The Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, the Second Amendment, and “Freedom of Speech in the United States, we encourage you to pass this on to everyone in your address book, and take the following actions if they apply.

Actions Americans, who believe in “Freedom of Speech”, should…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, January 18, 2023

Ms. Elaine Donnelly has been the President of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR) for 30 years.  She has done an exceptionally outstanding job of supporting every correct policy initiative and the annual DOD budget request to improve the Combat Effectiveness of US Armed Forces for 30 years.  

In her below listed initiatives, she is encouraging the Biden/Obama administration to end Wokeness in the US Military, the politics of skin color and pronouns in the US Military, which over the last two years, has resulted in “Weakened Morale”, a Decreased State of Readiness”, has Eliminated Unit Cohesiveness”, and has “Degraded The Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces.  

The Navy Leadership promoting “Wokeness” has threatened to punish sailors who purposely abuse pronouns to define transgender service members, viewing…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, January 14, 2023

In 1958, Robert Welch, tried to warn America of “The Plan” that Marxists, Communists, and Socialists initiated to change the United States from a US Constitutional Republic into a Marxist/Socialist State.  He was repeatedly attacked by the left of center liberal media establishment as an “extreme right-winger.” 

Robert Welch, was warning Americans about what Communists would do to take down the US Constitutional Republic.  It happens to be what the Biden/Obama administration and Socialist Democrats have been doing over the last two years, to undercut the US Constitutional Republic, which includes substantially increasing taxes by $318.7 Billion on January 1, 2023.  Those new taxes will continue to slow down and destabilize the US Economy that is already in a recession. 

The new $318.7 Billion tax increases was passed…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, January 4, 2023

Communism China poses an existential threat to the United States and all Mankind.  Over the last two years the Biden/Obama administration has had an open-door policy with Communist China which has been predictably disabling the military defenses and disarming intelligence defenses of the Republic.  In the article below this Op Ed read that China Expert, Gordon Chang, writes at the Gatestone Institute, where he is a senior distinguished fellow and an Advisory Board Member, that “Chinese War Planners Are Ecstatic: With Biden China’s ‘Opens Door Policy’ Allowing for Chinese Sabotage.”

While Biden recently met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Indonesia, he incoherently stated we are not adversaries, there is no need for a Cold War.  He said the US and Communist China are friendly competitors.  However, one would have to be…

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In the article below my signature block, ten destructive cults, which are being promoted by the Socialist Democrat Party, Marxists, and Communists, masquerading as science-based political movements, is a vast movement, bewildering Americans, and ever-expanding.    

To right-thinking Americans attempting to make sense of a nation gone mad with these far-left cults, it’s becoming increasingly clear that these irrational, deranged – and often demonic – political and cultural movements have been so readily capturing the minds of millions of young Americans that they have become nothing short of full-fledged deranged religious cults being promoted by the far-left of center media establishment.  

Cult Central is the nation’s far-left colleges and universities; in those colleges and universities, America’s next generation of citizens are being indoctrinated and misled daily…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, December 21, 2022

December 25, 1776 – Washington Crosses the Delaware

American Patriots repeatedly demonstrated their desire to be free from the foreign domination by Great Britain by sacrificing all to establish the Republic for the “Cause,” and they fought for the “Freedoms” outlined in The Bill of Rights.  

After a series of defeats that resulted in thousands of the 30,000 soldiers in the Continental Army deserting the “Cause”; General George Washington referred to the battle for freedom from Great Britain as the “Cause” in his personal notes.  With such heavy desertions, the Continental Army stood on the verge of losing the Revolutionary War.  

General Washington pleaded with his soldiers not to leave, however they were not being paid,…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, December 14, 2022

This was just another of Obama’s bad trades to free terrorists.  Previously, Obama traded 5 Taliban Radical Islamic Terrorist leaders who were incarcerated in US Prison in Gitmo for US Army deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, who pleaded guilty to desertion and expressed his hate for the USA.  Those 5 Taliban Radical Islamic Terrorists leaders are now in control of the Radical Islamic Terrorists Regime in Afghanistan.

This time, the Biden/Obama administration swapped a Russian Terrorist and Arms Dealer, "The Merchant of Death", Viktor Bout, age 55, who was convicted in 2011 on charges of conspiring to kill Americans and he was serving a 25-year sentence in a US Federal Prison. 

The Merchant of Death will now again acquire “Lethal Arms” and sell them to Terrorists worldwide at a profit for Russia, enabling the Terrorists to kill…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, December 7, 2022

The first Army-Navy game that was played on December 2, 1890, returns this coming Saturday.  It is one of the greatest rivalries in football history.  In the 132-year history of the Army-Navy rivalry, 122 games have been played.  Annually, the Army-Navy game is always a popular national attraction for football fans, Annapolis and West Point graduates, for extended family members of Naval Academy and Military Academy Alumni, and for the 23 million Veterans who served Honorably in the US Armed Forces. 

 This year, the 123rd Army-Navy game will be played on December 10, 2022, in Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field.  The game will be broadcast on CBS-TV at 12:00 Noon Pacific Time.  Navy won the game last year, with a 17-13 triumph.  For the 122 games played to date, Navy leads Army in the number of games won, 62–53, with 7…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, November 30, 2022

In 1987, Ivermectin was approved by the FDA as-safe-and-effective drug for human use; its medical use was honored as a wonder drug for preventing and curing malaria by being awarding the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015.  Ivermectin has been routinely used as a malaria preventative in the continent of Africa for over 35 years, in the same way Americans routinely use aspirin to cure headaches.  Ivermectin in general and routine use throughout Africa has also been highly effective in preventing the infection of the Wuhan Virus in the general population throughout the continent.

 Ivermectin is a very safe and “inexpensive” medication, and if it had been prescribed for patients infected with the Wuhan Virus in the US, it would have saved millions of lives from the deadly effects and the debilitating injuries from the…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, November 28, 2022

For two years the Biden/Obama administration and Tony Fauci covered up the fact that more than 18 million people were injured so badly by their experimental Pfizer and the Moderna mRNA test injections for the Wuhan Virus, that they had to be hospitalized.  A Federal Court in Austin, Texas ordered the CDC to release the number of injuries requiring hospitalization to a watchdog group.  According to the CDC’s “own” internal data 7.7 % of the 230+ million Americans who were injected with the experimental mRNA test injection were seriously injured requiring hospitalization.    

In the past 100 years, if the rollouts of a new vaccine resulted in 25 injected persons being injured, responsible FDA medical directors always “immediately” terminated the vaccine rollout.  According to US Vaccines Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, November 18, 2022

In 2022, there were 17 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress from 16 states serving in Congress who had been elected to Congress from 2012 to 2021.  One endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress, Cong Lee Zeldin (R-NY-1), announced he would run for Governor of New York; he won the Republican primary and became the Republican standard bearer. 

 During 2021 and 2022, the backgrounds of 81 Combat Veterans from 28 states were reviewed for endorsements to be selected as Combat Veterans For Congress.  In 2022, 16 of the 81 Combat Veterans from 13 states were endorsed as Combat Veterans For Congress; 9 of those 16 endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress from 9 states won their primary elections.  

 In 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was re-elected.  Senator James D. Vance (R-OH- Senate) was newly elected.  Cong Ryan Zinke (R-MT…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, November 14, 2022

While Biden was meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Indonesia incoherently stating we are not adversaries, there is no need for a Cold War, and that the US and Communist China are friendly competitors. the US and Communist China are definitely in a Cold War, and the population of Communist China have been conditioned by the Communist Party to expect a coming war.   The Biden/Obama administration is yet turning a blind eye to the continued threats to Taiwan by Communist China, and refuses to deliver $15 billion in a backlog of military weapons Taiwan paid for in advance.  Despite the payment, the Biden/Obama administration refuses to deliver to them.

Over the last 35 years, 162 researchers and scientist have been working in US facilities involved in nuclear research, and have been spying for Communist China.  Those…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, November 11, 2022 

On November 11th, Veterans Day, and every day, Americans are appreciative of Veterans for their service in the defense of the Republic when they were once active members of the US Armed Forces.  We remember and “Honor” military personnel who gave the last full measure of devotion in defense of the Republic and were lost in combat. 

Many Veterans still suffer from the negative effects on their health because of volunteering to defend the Republic.  An average of 22 Veterans commit suicide every day.  Many of those Veterans had been suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or from a disabling wound received in combat on foreign fields of fire.  Some Veterans may not have been able to obtain timely or adequate medical treatment or therapy for treatment of their debilitating wounds or PTSD.  


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By Capt Joseph R. John, November 4, 2022

When the United States acts, the world is watching, and one of the loudest messages that resounds since the Biden/Obama administration took control of the Oval Office, came from how in August 2021, they managed the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan.  On the day that Kabul fell to the Taliban in Afghanistan, Chinese Communist newspapers declared that China would invade Taiwan on a determined timeline, and that when it happens, the island will fall within hours and the United States will not come to help. 

Lieutenant General William Boykin, USA (Ret), Executive Vice President at Family Research Council said, “I think that will go down in history as the worst foreign policy failure in US history.  Every decision that was made was wrong.  What did that say to the rest of the world?  It said that we have weak leadership.”  …

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 28, 2022

The below listed address was delivered on September 16, 2022, in Washington DC, by Harmeet K. Dhillon, Esq. on the date of Hillsdale College’s celebration of Constitution Day.  Attorney Dhillon discussed how a highly politized Department of Justice, motivated by partisanship, has repeatedly suppressed the Freedoms accorded American Citizens in The Bill of Rights, while violating the Equal Justice provision provided to every American Citizen by the Founding Fathers in the US Constitution.   

Six weeks after 9/11, Congress passed the Patriot Act to deal with emergencies created by the attack of Radical Islamic Terrorists on the United States, and to protect the lives of American Citizens from future attacks by foreign terrorists.  The Department of Justice has employed the provisions of the Patriot Act to suppress the Freedom…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 24, 2022   

The below listed movie is based upon Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Esq. book “The Real Anthony Fauci.”  This Op Ed is a review of the contents in the book and the film which exposes Anthony Fauci’s corruption the US Government “Health Agencies” in general, which began in 1984 and has been slowly put in place over a 38 year period.     

This may mean that continuing the existence — at least in their current form — of five US Government “Healthcare Agencies” are now in doubt: the CDC, the FDA, the IOM, the NIH, and the “Health” division of DHHS itself; this may also threaten the existence of state medical boards and exclusive medical guilds like the AMA.  

Anthony Fauci (Dr. Death) is the architect of the policies that turned the US Government Health Agencies into agents and advocates of Big Pharma.  Fauci permitted Civil…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 17, 2022

In 2005, there were an estimated 11 million Illegal Aliens that entered the US through the southern border.  Over the next 15 years their number increased to an estimated 20,000 Illegal Aliens who illegally entered the US from throughout the world, including from Middle East Countries that support Radical Islamic Terrorist organizations.   

In 2021, the Biden/Obama administration engineered the elimination of the United States southern border and have kept it wide open throughout 2022 to allow 4 million unidentified Illegal Aliens and 4 million dangerous Got-Aways from 161 countries to enter the United States, bringing the number of Illegal Aliens within the US to 25 million.  If there is no  border---there is no country!  The Illegal Aliens are not required to show proof of inoculation for the Wuhan Virus, while…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 14, 2022

Part 1, The general discussion of Voter Fraud in the 2020 election for the information of poll watchers and voters: 

The massive Voter Fraud in the 2020 election was shocking to Americans who worked in the election: 

(President Trump received 76 million documented votes, more than any other sitting President in US history, Biden was reported to have received 81 million votes operating out of his basement: he was reported to receive more votes than Barrack Obama ever received.  The total of Trump and Biden votes cast in the 2020 election was reported to be 158 million voters, out of the 168 million registered votes.  The highest percentage of votes ever cast in a national election in modern times was 60% of the registered voters.  If 60% of the 168 million registered voters casted a vote in 2020, then 100.8…

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