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Op-Ed Articles

By Capt Joseph R. John, October 26, 2020; Op Ed #519

By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to listen to a very important speech by Thomas D. Klingenstein, Chairman of the Board of the Claremont Institute: he is also a very successful Investment Banker.  It is the most important presentation I’ve listened to within the last two years concerning the November 3rd election, and I strongly encourage every American to listen to it before they vote. 

Mr. Klingenstein is speaking in opposition to the “Revolution” that has been seriously underway in the streets in 300+ Democrat controlled Sanctuary Cities since late 2019.  This “Revolution’s” goal is to change the United States forever, which has been under development for well over 70 years by Communists, Marxists, and Socialists.  Their goal is to change the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State.  The well-coordinated and well-financed “Revolution” in its all-out violence, will continue beyond the November election, and it is designed to destroy the 240-year old US Constitutional Republic’s “Way Of Life”.

The “Revolution” reared its ugly head under the guise of peaceful demonstrations to oppose police brutality.  Police made 10 million arrests last year, 9 unarmed Blacks were killed by Police Officers last year, 10 unarmed Whites were killed by Police Officers last year, 89 Police Officers were killed in the line of duty last year, and…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 22, 2020; Op Ed #518

Nancy Pelosi’s Leftist, Socialist, and pro-PLO supporting candidate, Ammar Campa-Najjar (aka Ammar Yasser Najjar), served in low-level Public Relations position in the Employment and Training Administration of the Obama administration and is running as a Socialist Democrat for Congress in the 50th Congressional District of California.  We reject Ammar Campa Najjar's Vicious Attacks on Cong Darrell Issa in his TV Ads.


Ammar Campa-Najjar (aka Ammar Yasser Najjar) is running against endorsed Combat Veteran For Congress, Cong Darrell E. Issa, Captain/USAR (EOD) who Honorably served the US Constitutional Republic for 34 years in the US Army and US Army Reserves for 16 years, and in the US House of Representative for 18 years, including as the former Chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee; the top government watchdog position in Congress.


Ammar Campa-Najjar aka Ammar Yasser Najjar, if elected to Congress, would be an unacceptable National Security risk for the United States, because he would have access to US Military classified and other highly sensitive security information, and his close personal relationship with the PLO would create security problems.  In his youth, Ammar Yasser Najjar was educated and indoctrinated by the PLO in PLO Schools in the Gaza Strip until he was 12 years of age, then he was brought back to the United…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 17, 2020; Op Ed #517

By clicking on the below listed link, you can watch Rudy Giuliani, who became famous for prosecuting and taking down Mafia Crime Families in 1980, including the John Gotti Mafia Crime Family, and putting John Gotti in prison for life.  Rudy Giuliani served as United States Associate Attorney General from 1981 to 1983 and was the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York from 1983 to 1989.  Rudy was subsequently elected as the Mayor of New York City in 1993 and was re-elected in 1997.  Rudy was subsequently called “…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 13, 2020; Op Ed #516

Critical Race Theory is the latest tool that the three Marxists who created the Black Lives Matter are using in working with the Socialists Party, the Communist Party USA, and the Socialist Democrat Party to transform the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State.  Critical Race Theory is an offshoot of the Critical Theory Manifesto developed in 1937 by Max Horkheimer, Professor of Socialist Philosophy and leader of Social Scientists at the University of Frankfurt in Germany.  


His work influenced his Socialist contemporaries including radical Marxist Professor Herbert Marcuse, father of the New Left, who in the 1960s became the hero of the radical US students in the Socialist and Communist political movement.  It included individuals like Bill Ayers, Gus Hall, Angela Davis, and organizations like the Weathermen Underground, the Democrat Socialists of America, the Black Panther Party, the Marxist Leninist Communist Workers Party Front, the World Workers Party, etc.


Critical Race Theory was developed with lesson plans created by a coalition of Socialists, Marxists, and Communists consultants.  The plan is to force feed and indoctrinate America’s youth, employees, students, teachers, professors, and the leaders of US universities, US public schools, the 5 US Service Academies, Federal and State Governments and their agencies, thousands of…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 12, 2020; Op Ed #515

SSgt Robert A. Hall, USMC, a Vietnam Combat Veteran, college graduate, prolific author, and a dedicated American Patriot, summarized what he predicts will happen if Americans vote for the radical Socialist Democrat candidates running for Congress and the presidency in November.  His predictions are listed below the listed signature block.  We Honor SSgt Robert A. Hall, USMC for his service in defense of the Republic and his continued Patriotic messaging to Americans!  


By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to understand what the Combat Veterans For Congress will be voting for in November.


We are encouraging Americans to vote to preserve the Republic’s traditional patriotic “Way of Life “ supported by President Donald J. Trump.  We reject the Marxist Revolutionary Movement that controls Joe Biden and their plan to create an oppressive controlling Socialist State that will result in the below listed predictions outlined by…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 9, 2020; Op Ed #514 

This is a “Way Of Life Election”, and the most important election in the 244-year life of the Republic.  It is an election between a man, President Donald J. Trump, who wants to preserve America’s traditional patriotic way of life, supports “individual” freedoms to flourish, rejects the lie that Americans are racists, supports equality for all Americans, cherishes religious faith, supports the family unit, will stimulate the Free Enterprise System to regenerate the most robust economy in history, has been improving healthcare and will ensure insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions, will ensure that the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights remain the basis for the law of the land, and will continue to enforce The Rule Of Law.

Without The Rule of Law, there can be no Freedom in America!

 As an alternative, it is an election of a man, Joe Biden, controlled by a revolutionary movement that will forever change America’s traditional way of life, will defund Police Forces and the US Armed Forces, will support Black Lives Matter Marxist charge that America is a “Systemic Racist” country, will eliminate the filibuster to pack the Supreme Court, will open the Southern Border and flood the nation with Middle East refugees, will cancel the Trump tax cuts and increase taxes in an economic recovery.  His…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 5, 2020; Op Ed #513

The attached video summarizes the history of The American Form of Government.  A Republic is the form of government that is governed by a fixed body of laws, wherein those laws are not subject to the whims of elected representatives in government.  The essence of Freedom is the proper limitation of the government of the United States.  The fixed body of laws that govern the Republic of the United States of America is the US Constitution, which was created and given to their posterity by the Founding Fathers.  The US Constitution is the body of laws that protects the Rights and Freedoms of the Citizens of the United States.  Without law, there can be no Freedom in America!     


Is it any wonder that Black Lives Matter Marxists (with close ties to Communist China) and Antifa Domestic Terrorists, the foot soldiers for Tom Perez, the Marxist Chairman of the Socialist Democrat Party, have been leading violent riots, looting, arson of buildings, and anarchy in 300+ Democrat controlled Sanctuary Cities, calling for the defunding of Police Forces?  Without law, there can be no Freedom in America!  Widespread anarchy over the last 9 months has been the attempt by hundreds of thousands of violent revolutionaries in 300 Sanctuary Cities, led by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, to change the Republic to a Socialist State, while bypassing the…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, August 20, 2020; Op Ed #505

For the first time in the 244-year history of the Republic, a “Coup d'état” was staged against the President of the United States, and it has continued unabated for 4 years.  Obama and Hillary completely destroyed the tradition of the “Peaceful Transition of Power” in the United States and continue to refuse to accept the election of the 45th President of the United States.  Up until the 2016 national presidential election, the “Peaceful Transition of Power” had always been the cornerstone of civility, and an integral part of the election process of the President of the United States.  It was the way the Founding Fathers expected the Republic to maintain its integrity and legitimacy, and for all posterity.

Never in the history of the Republic had a two-term occupant of the Oval Office ever sought to destroy the Presidency of his successor, after the outcome of the election had been decided by the Electoral College.  In order to delegitimize and undermine the President Elect, the outgoing occupant of the Oval Office orchestrated a false narrative that the incoming President worked with Russia to defeat the Democrat candidate running against him for president.  Obama had the senior and corrupt members of his administration that he appointed to lead the CIA, FBI, State, DOJ, and National Intelligence Agency, join him and tried to remove the 45th President of the United…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, October 1, 2020; Op Ed #511

In the first Presidential debate, Joe Biden continued to repeat the lie that President Trump did not have a plan to defeat the Communist Chinese COVID-19 Virus.  That lie has been another attempt by Biden, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, and the left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment to mislead the American voters about President Trump’s many successes on multiple fronts.  


Over the last 9 months, President Trump took the COVID-19 threat very seriously and developed a very aggressive plan of action to assemble the most knowledgeable scientists and doctors in infectious diseases in the United States, in order to develop measures to protect America’s population from infection, to develop therapeutic medical treatments for COVID-19, and to develop a vaccine to protect the American population from the Communist Chinese pandemic.  


Prior to, and during the second Presidential debate, President Trump should outline the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force’s successes in protecting the American people from COVID-19.  For the last 9 months, President Trump listened to and followed the ever-changing advice of the most experienced and knowledgeable scientists and medical doctors in infectious disease in the United States who are members of the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force.   


During that period, the…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, September 25, 2020; Op Ed #510

An endorsed and elected Combat Veteran For Congress, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Lcdr-USNR (JAGC), proposed Florida’ new Law Enforcement Protection Act, which will soon pass.  That Law Enforcement Protection Act is the most comprehensive law every drawn up to protect American Citizens, Law Enforcement Officers, and the personal property of American Citizens in the nation.  Details of the provisions of Florida’s new Law Enforcement Protection Act are explained by Gov DeSantis in the video that can be listened to, by clicking on the following link

If the Governors of the other 49 states in the US passed a Law Enforcement Protection Act for their states with the same provisions as those outlined by Gov DeSantis, the violent riots, looting, and anarchy led by Black Lives Matter Marxists and Antifa Domestic Terrorists, who are the foot soldiers of the Socialist Democrat Party whose $2 billion destruction of personal property, murder of 700 Americans, attacks and ambushes of over 800 Law Enforcement Officers (requiring hospitalization) that occurred in 300+ Democrat-controlled Sanctuary Cities…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, September 17, 2020; Op Ed # 509

Lt Col Oliver L. North USNA '68, USMC (Ret) and Cong Allen West, Lt Col/USA(Ret), who is an endorsed and elected Combat Veterans For Congress, were tasked with compiling a list of General and Flag Officers who support the re-election of President Donald J. Trump in November 2020.  We were asked to support that effort.  We approached the General and Flag Officers we regularly communicate with, to determine if they would approve of being included on the subject list.  A total of 235 General and Flag Officers agreed to be included on the list supporting the re-election of President Donald J. Trump.  In the letter of distribution, the Generals and Admirals warn their fellow Americans that America’s historic way of life is at stake in the November 2020 election.  The list can be viewed by clicking on the below listed link.

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By Capt Joseph R. John, September 14, 2020; Op Ed #508

For the last 15 years, America’s intelligence agencies have been concerned about the threat posed to the National Security Interest of the United States by Communist China Fifth Column.  The Communist Chinese Dictatorship views itself as being within striking distance of enabling the Socialist Democrat Party to defeat President Donald J. Trump and of having a much friendlier Biden Presidency to come to power.  A Biden Presidency would not be as aggressive as the Trump administration has been in dismembering the Chinese Communist Fifth Column that has been operating in the United States for 20 years.  If Joe Biden is elected, China will win in its goal to change the Constitutional Republic to a Socialist State.   


The US Constitutional Republic is at a “Point of No Return”, because if Biden/Harris are elected, many of the freedoms granted by the US Constitution will be eliminated or dramatically changed by the Socialist activists and Progressives appointed to key positions in the Biden Administration, by Biden’s handlers.  The Biden-Red China connection is a very serious threat to the National Security of the United States, and the Rule Of Law governed by the US Constitution.  Joe Biden and his son Hunter have been recognized as two of the world’s strongest cheerleaders for Communist China for decades.  


If the…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, September 6, 2020; Op Ed #506

To answer all of those who keep saying; “I can't believe you are voting for Trump.”


Well my fellow Americans listen up!  I'm not just voting for President Donald J. Trump.  If you absolutely MUST know what I am voting for:


I'm voting for the right of every American Citizen to Bear Arms, as outlined in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. I'm voting for the next Supreme Court Justice who will not legislate from the bench, but will issue decisions in accordance with the US Constitution. I'm voting to retain the Electoral College, to support the Constitutional Republic that governs all Americans equally under US Federal Law. I'm voting for equal justice for every American, against racism, and against Progressives who call me a racist because I was born white. I'm voting for law and order in support of Police Officers; against Black Lives Matter Marxists and Antifa Domestic Terrorist violent riots in 400 US cities. I'm voting in support of the US Military and Veterans who fought and died for their fellow Americans and the Republic for 244 years. I'm voting to respect of the American Flag that is always missing from the Democratic debates and events. I’m voting to say “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag, which was eliminated from the Pledge during the Democrat Convention. I'm… Read More

By Capt Joseph R. John, September 11, 2020; Op Ed #507

The below listed video by Dr. Victor David Hanson was forwarded by the former Coronado Chief of Police, Louis Scanlon, Cdr/USN (Ret).  The video is a little long, but should be viewed by every American Citizen before they vote.  Dr. Hanson analyzes many complex issues that will affect the November election.  The votes by the electorate in November 2020 national election will ultimately decide whether America will remain the stable law and order society that it was prior to January 2020, or whether the law and order policy that framed America’s society will no longer exist, and the anarchy in the streets Americans have been witnessing in the hundreds of Democrat controlled Sanctuary cities like Portland, Chicago, Seattle, NYC, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Atlanta, LA, Austin, Boston, etc. will continue.  The below listed video is one of Dr Hanson’s finest political analysis.  


The ultimate issue Americans will decide when they vote for President in November 2020 is who will actually become President of the United States for the entire four-year term.  Although…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, July 27, 2020: Op Ed #503

By clicking on this link, you will see one of the most important videos we’ve watched in the last 10 years.  It best describes why riots have continued in the streets of over 400 Democrat Sanctuary cities for the last 6 months.  The link was sent to us by a highly decorated CIA Senior Operations Officer who retired before Obama appointed John Brennan as the CIA Director. 

The left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment and propagandists, the Communist Party USA, the Russian Communist Party, and the Chinese Communist Party, have been skillfully hiding the information that is presented in the very powerful attached video from the American public, that can be watched by clicking on the below listed link in the ninth paragraph.

John Brennan led the conspirators in the Obama administration to initiate the first “Coup d’etat” of the first…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, July 22, 2020: Op Ed #502

The Socialist and Communist movements that developed in America over the last 20 years has become a threat to the very survival of the US Constitutional Republic, because 57% of registered Democrats and 52% of "white privilege" college students now have a positive view of Socialism.  

For 6 months, the American people have been witnessing a raging Socialist and Communist movement that is perpetrating violent riots in many Democrat Sanctuary cities.  The riots have been supported by agents from the Chinese Communist “Confucius Institutes” located at 81 university campuses, the Communist Party USA, Socialists, Marxists, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists, and the Socialist Democrat Party.  Those riots have resulted in a massive increase in violent crimes in 171 sanctuary cities.  To prevent violent crimes, police forces must be properly funded, not defunded.

The Socialist Democrat Party’s Marxist ANTIFA Domestic Terrorist foot soldiers are “permitted” to lead thousands of closely packed rioting mobs in the Democrat Sanctuary cities of Portland, Seattle, NYC, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Albuquerque, St. Louis, Baltimore, D.C., Chicago, Kansas City, Atlanta, LA, Brooklyn, Detroit, etc.  Yet church services, school openings, athletic events, elective surgeries, and opening small businesses are being prevented from opening.

“Freedom of Speech"…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, July 14, 2020: Op Ed #501

The below listed video, as a follow up presentation to Op Ed #500 entitled “A Cure For Covid-19?” that we previously shared with you is also important and completes the information on COVID-19 that was too long to present in one Op Ed.  The video was recorded by Dr Kelly Victory, a trauma and emergency physician, who had practiced with the Public Health Service, as well as with other medical organizations.   


For five months, the media has focused on, and discussed the need to decrease death rates to flatten the curve.  Then for the past two months when death rates had been steadily decreasing to the lowest in the world, the media has suddenly started shifting its reporting to the number of new COVID-19 cases.   Obviously, new cases were going to increase substantially because over 700,000 Americans were now being tested each day, and with over 50 million Americans having been tested to date, the number of new cases were going to steadily increase, while the percentage of deaths kept decreasing.  


So the overall information in this below listed video is very important for you to understand how dangerous COVID-19 is; we therefore are encouraging you to take the time to view this very important 17 minute video that is discussing the dangers of COVID-19, since the coronavirus may last for some time.  


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By Capt Joseph R. John, July 11, 2020: Op Ed #500

Very seldom do we send out medical information to our supporters, although we receive a great deal of medical advice and recommendations to take certain vitamins from well-wishers who make recommendations to improve my health (those individual medical advice E-mails are included among the estimated 2000 E-mails we received each week).  


However, I am forwarding the link to one particular E-mail, because it is important, timely, and would be especially important if someone in your family or a close friend were infected with COVID-19.  By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able to listen to and watch Doctor Richard Bartlett in the recorded video (27 minutes).  Dr. Bartlett has practiced as a family medicine specialist in the Midland/Odessa area of Texas for 28 years.


From almost the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, Dr. Bartlett recognized that the coronavirus was a respiratory/inflammatory disease, and he set out to find a way to treat the…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, July 9, 2020: Op Ed #499

According to a “Just News Poll” by Rasmussen, something has convinced half of American voters that it is "somewhat likely" that there will be a violent attempt to “Overthrow” the U.S. government within a decade. That “Overthrow” will not occur in 10 years, but may occur in 4 months.  If Biden is elected in November and then is removed by the Socialist Democrats, employing the 25th Amendment because Biden is senile and can’t possibly govern, the “Overthrown will have begun.  Unfortunately, the FBI Director Christopher Wray and the CIA Director Gina Haspel have not exposed and arrested the foreign agents colluding with Communist China, in its “Coup d’ etat” to “Overthrow” the US Constitutional Republic.  


In support of the Global Marxist Movement, Communist China formed an alliance with the Marxist leader of the Socialist Democrat Party, Tom Perez.  China is obtaining funding from Nazi-Collaborator George Soros and gained the support from the offices of Barack Hussein Obama’s Organization For Action in 50 states to elect a feeble, easily controllable, and incoherent Joe Biden.  Obama has been pulling the strings behind the scenes of the Biden Campaign (we recommend that you read the below listed detailed article about Communist China’s plan to turn the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State).…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, July 4, 2020: Op Ed #498

According to Nazi-Collaborator George Soros, America is the only obstacle to Communists and The Muslim Brotherhood from creating a new world order.  For many years, Nazi-Collaborator George Soros has been working with Communist China while funding the Domestic Terrorist organizations highlighted in this Op Ed in order to undermine the US Constitution and destroy America from within.  Nationally, Police and Fire Departments have been alerted by an Unclassified Law Enforcement Bulletin that on the Fourth of July there will be well organized violent attacks to try to prevent Americans from celebrating Independence Day.

ANTIFA Marxist Domestic Terrorists, Nazi-Collaborator George Soros’ Black Lives Matter (BLM) Marxist Domestic Terrorists, Bill Ayer’s Marxist Weather Underground, CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists, the Communist Party USA, Democrat Socialists, and Domestic Enemies will be supporting the Global Marxist Movement to destroy America’s founding principles of liberty and freedom, to poison race relations and foment divisions in American cities, and change the US Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State.  

Unfortunately for the last 5 weeks, not “one” Democrat in the nation has condemned the rioting, the looting of small businesses, the arson, the setting of fire to police cruisers, the attacks that have injured and killed 1100 of Police Officers, and…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 29, 2020: Op Ed #497

It has been four weeks since violent riots in Minneapolis have turned into sedition in the streets of 184 American cities, instigated by the foot soldiers of the Socialist Democrat Party, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists.  Over 100 US Monuments and statues have been defaced or toppled, and commercial centers have been gutted in many of the 184 cities where violent riots and anarchy has continued to occur.  

Those violent lawless Marxist led mobs have been rioting, looting, destroying businesses by arson, setting police cruisers on fire, attacking & killing Police Officers, while calling for replacing Police Forces with radical militias.  The left of center liberal Main Stream Media establishment has been trying to conceal the scope of destruction by Marxist led mobs, characterizing the violence and lawlessness on an unprecedented scale in the 244 year history of the Republic as being “peaceful demonstrations.” 

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that gave America and the world COVID-19, put 44 million Americans on the unemployment rolls, killed over 125,000 Americans, and brought the US & world economies to a standstill, have been revealed to be behind the well-orchestrated daily vicious attacks by the liberal Main Stream Media (MSM) on President Trump and the history of the US.  The MSM has been systematically mischaracterizing the violent…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 25, 2020: Op Ed #496

Patrisse Cullors is credited as the co-founder of Black Lives Matter (BLM), confirmed during a recent appearance with The Real News that the movement was conceived by “trained Marxists” pushing an agenda of Communist Revolution.  “We actually do have an ideological frame.  Myself and BLM co-founder, Alicia Garza, in particular are trained organizers.  We are trained Marxists,” Cullors said.  “We are super versed on all sorts of ideological theories, and I think that what we really try to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk,” she added. 


Black Lives Matter’s own Website contains a great deal of Marxist language and is littered with buzzwords commonly used by practitioners of the godless, anti-American ideology.  They maintain that their movement is focused “on issues concerning racial injustice, police brutality, criminal justice reform, Black immigration, economic injustice, LGBTQ and human rights, environmental injustice, access to healthcare, access to quality education, and voting rights and suppression.”

The terror group has even received pointers from the Nelson Mandela Foundation, named after the terrorist and Communist pawn who seized control over South Africa, on how to commit violence, to achieve their Marxist Revolutionary goals.

Heavily armed ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter Communist Domestic…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 20, 2020: Op Ed #495

ANTIFA is an acronym for Antifascist.  In the 1930s, they were the German Communists who were fighting the NAZIs in Germany.  The logo on the ANTIFA flag was created by the German Communist Party.  ANTIFA demonstrators are violent Communist Terrorist “Foot Soldiers”.  ANTIFA is an international Communist Terrorists organization that fought along side ISIS and murdered Christians in Syria (pictured with their flag in Syria in the attached photo).  President Donald Trump is a Capitalist who strongly supports The Free Enterprise System, yet the Democrat Party and ANTIFA call President Donald J. Trump Hitler and a Nazi.  ANTIFA’s “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement” (RAM) has been leading a coordinated national effort to deface and destroy over 350 US Historical Monuments. 


                   “The first battleground is against the history of a nation”  -- Karl Marx


Since 2008, ANTIFA, Communists, Progressives, Socialists, and America’s domestic enemies have been misrepresenting what the United States has always stood for by trying to prevent the younger generation from loving their country through lying about its 244 year US History and the great heritage of the American people.  The Obama administration distributed a new,…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 18, 2020: Op Ed #494  By watching the below video, you will understand what The Sunrise Movement is, and why so many young students are being recruited by them.  The Sunrise Movement teaches students that White Supremacy is the reason for Systemic Racism in the US and that Climate Change is a white problem. For two years, the left of center liberal media establishment covered up the facts about The Sunrise Movement’s recruiting and training program. The video outlines the two year, behind the scenes, training program of students on how to participate in a race riots, when an event triggers a race riot.  The Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, is the true force behind The Sunrise Movement, ANTIFA, and CAIR in Minnesota. When Keith Ellison was Deputy Chair of the Democrat Party, he moved the Democrat Party toward Socialism, knowing that Socialism is Marxist inspired. Keith Ellison is an Islam convert; he called for a separate country for blacks in the US and wrote racist articles under his real name, Keith Hakim Mohammad. The Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorist organization paid for Keith Hakim Mohammad’s pilgrimage to Mecca in 2008. Ellison strongly supports Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and harbors disrespect for the US Constitution.  He said, “Its wording was inspired by the Bible.” Ellison has been close to the Communist Party, USA, and held a fundraising… Read More

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 8, 2020: Op Ed #492

The demonstrations and riots in the last 12 days were provoked by forces who, seeing the impeachment fail, then seeing that the COVID-19 virus inevitably fading, watched the social alarm of the pandemic waning, and seeing the economy beginning to recover, required another disruptive force.  So those sinister forces took aggressive control of peaceful demonstrations mourning the tragic death of George Floyd because rogue Police Officers did not follow the standard restraint procedures taught to all Police Officers. 

Those forces provoked very violent riots, looting, and arson, to create anarchy and the violent civil disturbances in 140 cities across the nation in order to support their political agenda of dividing the nation along racial lines (attacking and injuring more than 400 Police Officers, while shooting and killing other Police Officers). The Ultimate goal of those Marxists, led by Black Lives Matter (infiltrated by Antifa), is to first defund Police Forces, and replace them by radical leftist militia.   

Antifa and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists knew that violent riots, looting, and arson would result in responses from Police Forces in the 140 cities where riots were well organized and staged to commence at about the same time each night.  They knew Police Forces would be trying to protect citizens from attacks and businesses from being looted,…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 14, 2020: Op Ed #493

“The American Flag” symbolizes the principles outlined in the US Constitution drafted by the Founding Fathers.  All members of the US Armed Forces raise their right hand and swear to protect and defend the US Constitution, under “The American Flag”.  


Flag Day is an opportunity for Patriotic Americans to demonstrate their respect for “The American Flag”, and to set an example for younger generations, of their deep respect for “The American Flag”, and by demonstrating their respect for ”The American Flag”, they are demonstrating their support for the Republic.   


To read the history of Flag Day, kindly click on the below listed link.




Through the ages, countless generation of Americans Patriots, have served in the US Armed Forces and have…

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We encourage the recipients of this message to consider participating in the June 2nd hearing, outlined in the below listed E-mail.  The hearing is being called to discuss opposition to Gov Newsom plan to send absentee ballots to 4.5 million to inactive registered voters, many of whom qualified for permanent removal from the voter rolls many years ago.  If those 4.5 million absentee ballots are mailed out by Gov Newsom, free and fair elections in California will be a thing of the past. 

If those 4.5 million absentee ballots are mailed out, the Voter Fraud that will result because of the Ballot Harvesting that will take place, will result in fraudulent results in the November 2020 election.  A massive Ballot Harvesting effort will be executed by the Democrat Party, as they did in 2018, to take position of as many of the 4.5 million absentee ballots that will not be received by the intended addresses who will no longer be at those addresses, but instead those absentee ballot will be harvested, filled out by an unauthorized individual, and will be submitted to the Registry of Voters on election as a valid vote. 


If you cannot participate, or prefer not to participate in the hearing on June 2nd, please consider passing this message on to the Californian voters in your address book, who you believe want to have an honest and fair election conducted in California on election day in November 2020.

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By Capt Joseph R. John, June 4, 2020: Op Ed #491 

Law Enforcement Officers across the nation are well aware and saddened by the tragic death of George Floyd by the actions of rogue Police Officers who did not follow the standard restraint procedures taught to all Police Officers.  The peaceful demonstrations in memory of George Floyd have been highjacked by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, turning those demonstrations into violent riots, looting of businesses, and anarchy.   

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international movement; it has 16 chapters in the US and Canada, and campaigns to call attention to violence against black people by Police Officers.  BLM regularly protests police brutality and police shootings of black people, and degrades the moral character and respect for Police Officers.    

When Obama was the occupant of the Oval Office, he held meetings in The White House with the leaders of Black Lives Matter (which can be viewed in the below listed video with Bill Whittle, in meetings with Obama and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch).   

Obama raised large amount of funds in a short period of time to fund Black Lives Matter with $130 million, in order to help BLM expand its activities and demonstrations throughout the nation, before the last presidential election to provide funding for BLM to oppose the election of Donald Trump.…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, May 30, 2020: Op Ed #490

“Every four years the black community takes the media bait.  They find one tragedy and are able to get enough athletes and rappers to hype it so black youth believe that that they have no choice but to riot and destroy themselves because the world is against them.” - Candace Owen    

The lawless riots and arson in the streets of America, day after day, led by well-organized members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorists, will not attain justice for the tragic and unjust custody death of George Floyd, because of the actions of rogue police officers who failed to follow standard restraint procedures.  

The mayor of Minneapolis abdicated his authority, ordered his police force to pull back, and not confront the demonstrators while they were looting businesses.  It emboldened demonstrators and resulted in anarchy, small businesses being burned out, a police precinct being burned, the US Post Office to be burned, the looting of liquor stores, a Wells Fargo Bank to be broken into, police cars to be set on fire, and the massive looting of businesses like Target, Office Max, Dollar Store, etc.  

The Minneapolis mayor and the Governor of Minnesota have been in consultation with, and sought the advice of, Marxist Attorney General, Keith Ellison.  For four days in a failure of leadership, they did very little, were…

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By Capt Joseph R. John, May 25, 2020: Op Ed #489

Since General George Washington commanded the Continental Army, forty-two million Americans have served under the American Flag. In the past 244 years, one million American military personnel have been killed in the defense of the Republic, and another million and a half have been wounded.

Each year on Memorial Day weekend we honor American Patriots who have given the “last full measure of devotion” in their service to the Republic, so their fellow Americans could live their lives free from oppression.

We not only honor American Combat Veterans who gave up their tomorrows, we also honor Veterans who were wounded, and other members of the US Armed Forces who were separated from their loved ones for long periods, often going into “Harm’s Way”.

On this Memorial Day weekend, the Republic’s most sacred and cherished Patriotic holiday, the nation solemnly pays homage to the thousands of Gold Star Families for the loss of their loved ones, and for the enormity of their sacrifice!   

On Memorial Day, and every day throughout the year, we also honor 23 million Veterans who served in the defense of the Republic, then served their country in so many other ways.  America owes those Veterans a debt of gratitude it can never repay!

At one point in their lives, all those Veterans wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount “up to and including…

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